Unique Ways to Announce a New Addition to the Family

A pregnant woman

A pregnant womanWhen couples find out they are expecting, it is often a joyous time. It is not uncommon to want to share your good fortune with everyone. However, the way people announce the pregnancy is no longer by simply stating as much. People now look for unique and creative ways to announce that they are expecting a baby. If you are looking for unique ways to announce your pregnancy, the tips below should help you out.

Plan a Fun Photo Shoot

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. You can announce your pregnancy using a photo shoot. You can capture the moment using either one photo or a series of photos. For instance, you can set up a scene with a table filled with foods before you.

The more food featured in the photo, the better so you can let everyone know you will be “Eating for Two!” An SLC Photography studio like JayLynn Studios can assist you in setting up just the right photo shoot to get your message across.

Use Creative Props

You can announce to friends and family that you are pregnant using creative props. For instance, food makes a wonderful prop. One woman announced to her family that she was pregnant by placing a hamburger bun in the oven.

When her family opened the oven and asked, “Why is there a bun in the oven” they realized exactly what was going on. To their delight and joy, they were gaining yet another member of the family.

Make a Game of It

One creative way to announce a pregnancy is to make a game of it. Create a game that allows you to announce your pregnancy in a fun, exciting, and unique way. For instance, you could opt to play a game of charades.

Gather your family around and ask them to guess the phrase. Act everything out piece by piece to see who understands the phrase. Make sure to watch the excitement cross everybody’s face once they figure it out.

Announce with Pets

If you have any pets in your home, use them to create a unique pregnancy announcement. Dogs and cats are unaware of the situation, but you can still use them to make some hilarious and adorable announcements.

Make sure to use props. For instance, you can hang a lightweight chalkboard sign around your dog’s neck. Keep in mind, a sign works better for larger dogs. It is said that Labrador’s are the most cooperative for this.

With the ideas above, you will surely be able to create some of the most unique pregnancy announcements possible to share with your friends and family.

4 Clever Hacks to Encourage Office Punctuality

Employees riding a shuttle

Employees riding a shuttleSo you might have been bothered by the increasing incidents of tardiness in your office. You may want to consider several brilliant ideas to encourage your people to come to work early.

Here are some interesting tips to consider.

Get a shuttle minibus

How about giving your employees some great perks of getting employed? You may tap some mini bus services in Sydney to provide your employees with a free shuttle ride to help them get to the office early.

Not only will your employees save up on regular fare but they also get to be motivated to show up on time.

Give away rewards

You may want to reinforce positive behaviour by giving away rewards. A bag of groceries for the most punctual employee of the month will surely delight the winner. You may also do a simple awarding ceremony during an early morning pep talk.

Either way, you get to give your employees a pat on the back.

Make punctuality count

In your efforts to have employees early on board, you may want to include punctuality in their performance evaluation scheme. Everyone slated for promotion will need to perform well when it comes to attendance.

This way, you would not need to remind them repeatedly to be in the plant on time.

Keep up productivity

It will be useful to discuss with your employees the impact of punctuality on productivity. Getting to work early would mean getting to do more tasks and getting paid fully for a day’s work. A productivity orientation might help boost the motivation of employees to report to work early.

An hour or two will do to complete the project module.

See, getting your employees to come on time is not that tough at all. All it takes is the creativity and will to push forward with your anti-tardiness programs.

Could Your Relatives Afford Your Funeral?

A woman holding a red rose near a casket

A woman holding a red rose near a casketWhen someone dies, their relatives have to claim their body to pay for their funeral and manage their estate. An increasing number are going unclaimed. Why? More people can’t afford to pay.

Several states in America have, in recent years, seen a surge in the number of cases where relatives leave a body unclaimed in morgues. Los Angeles County coroners saw an increase of 36% from 2008 to 2009. The number of unclaimed dead jumped from 525 to 712 over the 12 month period. The number of cremations funded by government taxation also went up.

The shocking reason given to funeral homes in Clearfield is a financial one: More Americans simply cannot afford to bury their dead. It should not be surprising when the average cost of a funeral exceeds $7,000. One solution to this problem is to take out a pre-paid funeral plan.

About a Prepaid Funeral Plan

A prepaid funeral plan is an installment plan that allows the individual to pay for their own funeral in advance. This will help family members if the money from their estate is not enough to cover the costs. Funeral plans are paid as a single lump sum investment, or policyholders can pay it monthly just like an insurance plan.

A wake, transportation to the church or crematorium, and a service are usually part of most funeral plans, and some also include the cost of the cremation or burial. Some only meet part of the cost but would still relieve the financial strain on relatives. Plans vary so people should shop around. Funeral homes offer a range of pre-planning services for residents.

Designing a Funeral

Aside from financial peace of mind, another advantage to getting a funeral plan is the ability to personalize a service. People plan their wedding, so why not plan their funeral? Some choose a no-service, cremation-only plan. Others want a full package with a hearse or limousine.

The number of unclaimed dead is increasing because of the cost of funerals. One can avoid this by taking out a funeral plan and paying for the costs in advance. It’s also a chance to make your send-off exactly as you would like.

CareerCast Ranks Military Jobs as the Most Stressful For 2017

A firefighter putting out a fireCareerCast said that military members, firefighters, police officers, and airline pilots have the most stressful jobs in the U.S. for 2017.

It may not be surprising that these jobs landed on top. Knowing that lives rest on your shoulders can cause nerve-wracking pressure. However, event coordinators have the fifth most stressful job for the year.

Stress Levels

An event coordinator job scored 51.15 on CareerCast’s gauge for stress levels. The profession earns a median annual salary of more than $46,000 while hiring prospects are expected to grow 10% by 2024. A public relations executive’s work scored lower with 48.50, although they earn a median income of more than $104,000 per year.

A senior corporate executive’s responsibilities are slightly more stressful than those of a PR executive, as the former scored 48.56. Senior executives earn a median salary of more than $102,000 per year. For blue-collar jobs, taxi drivers have a stress score of 48.18. Among the top 10 most stressful jobs, they earn the smallest median annual salary worth more than $23,000, although employment is expected to rise 13% by 2024.

Stress Management

If you live or work in Missouri, there are many ways to combat stress. For instance, some wellness centers offer mobile massage therapy in St. Louis, Mo. All you need to do is book an appointment at your preferred time and place, instead of the usual arrangement of visiting a spa.

It also helps to determine the different factors that affect your stress levels, which could serve as red flags if these already affected your health. CareerCast used physical demand, environment, workplace hazards, deadlines, and competition as some of the factors in creating the list.

Each job causes a certain level of stress, yet some jobs are so stressful that you become unproductive and exhausted. Employees must find ways to alleviate stress and stay productive in their jobs.

The Basic Facts About an MIT Degree

Lightbulb with a graduation hat

Lightbulb with a graduation hatIn today’s age of a digitally dominated world, it would be no surprise if most students decided to pursue a degree in Master of Information Technology (MIT). An MIT program generally concentrates on the practical sides of meeting and computing the needs of the end users of computers. Those who are taking up masters in Singapore know that their future entails working in several varied kinds of organisations, solving issues utilising the latest technology. If you are looking to specialise in the practical application of software and computers, then an MIT degree is perfect for you.

The field of information technology

An academic discipline that concentrates on meeting the needs of users, information technology is unlike management information system, computer engineering and computer science. They mainly achieve their goal through the management, creation and application of computing technologies.

Professionals in this field strive to learn about the different methods to make information systems operate to resolve issues best. Hopefully, they will be able to use the result in several fields.

Information technology mainly concentrates on handling information.

The curriculum

Employers these days are searching for skilled information technology experts who also carry problem-solving and project management abilities. MIT degree programs subject students to teachings in both technology and business. This way, they will be able to comprehend the ways to incorporate business requirements into IT solutions.

MIT courses commonly tackle the practice and theory of information technology systems management, design, creation and analysis. These courses may entail database systems management, introduction to information security management and advanced management of information systems.

The business courses comprised of a regular MIT program consists of corporate finance, financial accounting and organisation behaviour.

Enrolling in this degree will provide you skills that are in demand. Moreover, it can even help you progress in your career in the expanding field of computer and information systems.

The Sense of Urgency Water Damage Warrants from Homeowners

Woman Experiencing Indoor FloodingOf all the investments you’ve ever made, you know that your house is the biggest and most expensive. As such, you want to keep it as nice-looking, comfortable, and livable as much as possible. However, there are just some situations out of your control that can force you out of your home, such as indoor flooding that a natural disaster causes.

When this occurs, you may have to temporarily live elsewhere while professionals fix up your home for you. Know though, that when it comes to indoor flooding, you need to contact water damage restoration service providers in Ogden like Certified Disaster Services right away, because even the slightest delay can make a huge difference in its overall livability.

The reason behind the “urgency”

The extent of the water damage also largely depends on the scope of the flooding. The water level may have risen just to two inches, or it could have gone up to two feet. Nevertheless, both situations warrant a sense of restoration urgency, since the early you have the drying started, the lesser the chances of serious hazards.

And take note that there are many threats that such disasters can bring, including those involving molds, compromised building structure, as well as electrical and fire.

What you didn’t know about mold growth

Molds can start to spread in as short as one to two days, given the right conditions. And meeting the right conditions doesn’t take much – these microorganisms can reproduce with as little as water, organic materials (such as wood, fabric, paper, etc.), and air to keep them thriving. With this knowledge, you should already reconsider your thoughts of delaying the restoration. In fact, putting it off overnight can already mean waking up to a home filled with these fungi.

Although it’s understandable that you may feel panic and anxiousness following indoor flooding, you shouldn’t let this completely take over your mind. Before things worsen, have a professional restoration company fix the damages for you.

What You Must Know about Debt Collection in Wellington

Debt Collection

Debt CollectionWhile it is crucial that you bill your customers on time, it is advisable that you address any non-payment as soon as your clients stop paying their dues. That will demand that you prepare to inform the debtors of a second date beyond which you will need to take legal action against them. This may seem harsh, but many companies and individuals suffer financial problems due to unpaid debts.

Here are two critical things that reputable law firms say affect your debt collection in Wellington, New Zealand:

Abusive Collection Tactics

Before you think of hiring anyone that is not proficient enough to handle your debt collection, remember you will be risking incurring massive legal ramifications should they use aggressive tactics while interacting with your debtor.

You also should avoid making false claims about when you served them the notice for legal follow up and the due dates and the amount of money your debtor owes you, and any other issue that your debtor can file as harassment.

The best way is to always to remain respectful and professional, and that ensure that the collection agents only use the full force of the law when required.

Prompt Action is Key

It is of critical importance here that you demand immediate action when engaging debtors. If you show leniency, your debtors could handle this issue lightly. Set deadlines and advice your debtors that if they miss the deadline, you will take legal action against them. But, be sure to make reasonable demands.

It is clear it can get a little challenging trying to collect money owed to you. Efficient debt collection requires a good understanding of the law as well as human nature. It is best you work with a reputable law firm to facilitate your debt collection in Wellington.

Why You Should Choose a VA Loan Over Others

Loan on the monitor of a macbookThe VA loan program is something that non-military mortgage seekers actually wish they have access to. But despite the numerous advantages that come with this type of loan, many veterans and service members bypass the program for other options. The reason behind this is that they do not know much about it. Here are a few of its advantages that could help you decide to go for a VA loan program:

There’s no need for a mortgage insurance or down payment.

The VA loan does not need you to make any down payment unlike other loan programs such as conventional and FHA loans, which means you can purchase your home immediately. You are also exempted from the high mortgage insurance fees as this type of loan does not require mortgage insurance.

The loan benefit never expires.

Your earned eligibility for a VA loan does not expire. Even if you served the military 50 years ago, you could still use it today. To check your eligibility, obtain the DD Form 214 and go to an approved VA loan lender who can request for your VA Certificate of eligibility.

You can use the benefit many times.

For instance, you bought a home using the loan and you now want to sell it for a larger one. After selling it, you can again use the loan benefit for your new purchase.

Your spouse is also eligible.

In 2015, more than 3,000 spouses of fallen heroes in the military bought their homes using their partner’s VA loan benefits. If you are still unmarried and your partner passed on in the military, you are still eligible to buy a home with the loan.

VA loans are a form of saying thank you for the impeccable service former servicepersons have done for the country. So go on and choose this program over other mortgage borrowing methods if you are eligible for it.

3 Rules in Finding a Self Storage Facility

A self-storage facilityIf you have seen the households of extreme hoarders on the telly, then you know how quickly the things we own tend to accumulate. Of course, we all want to recycle or donate as much as we can, but sometimes, there are a few knick-knacks that seem too sentimental or valuable to let go of.

But your home’s floor space is limited and before you know it, you are browsing advertisements for self storage in Brisbane.

Mobile storage facilities offer virtually similar services: you rent a unit where you can place the items you cannot get rid of but cannot keep in your home anymore. The challenge is choosing a storage facility that works best for you. Here are a few pointers to help you choose a unit for all your storage needs.

Go For Customer Service

There is no better way to know whether your storage facility of choice has good customer service before actually becoming a customer. However, you can usually tell whether a company is good based on your initial contact. Whether it is by e-mail, phone call, or a visit to their office, the way employees talk to you can tell how they treat their customers.

Choose Neat and Tidy

One reason you do not want to keep all your stuff in your home is that you are trying to avoid clutter. A company that presents itself as clean, neat and orderly is a good option. If you are visiting their office, notice how they organise their own files, desks and other items. It is not a huge red flag, but a disorganised office can be a sign of future troubles.

Stay Safe and Secure

Nobody wants to be victim to theft, so any decent self-storage facility should have tight security. Industry standards include CCTV cameras, adequate lighting and computerised access. Ask about the company’s security features to make sure your items will be safe. It likewise helps that a manager or security guard is on-site 24/7. Lastly, a company that accepts clients and ask for different requirements is also a good sign.

Choosing a self-storage facility to take care of some important items in your life does not have to be a tedious and daunting task. With a little diligence, you can find a service that will surely make your day.

Practical Ways of Boosting Your Child’s Learning Ability

A girl being tutored by her motherHow well your child does in school often depends on how well you play your part as a parent. The earliest and the most influential teacher in a child’s life is a parent. This shows just how significant your role is in ensuring that you boost their learning abilities from a tender age.

Make sure you know the basics

One of your fundamental duties as a parent is to provide for your child’s basic needs. Ensure that your child has a well-balanced meal, good hygiene, proper medical attention, and quality sleep.
Research has shown that children who eat a healthy breakfast before school have enhanced academic performances and better cognitive abilities.

Find a good pre-school for your child

A good pre-school will form an excellent base for your child’s early learning. Visit the programs and know their approach in addressing academic and social needs. Your child will also get a chance to learn from the other children.
You will get a chance to hear a different feedback on your child’s ability from the teachers. However, when choosing a pre-school, be sure to look within your locality to avoid any inconveniences and extra cost that come with distance.
For example, find a nearby daycare in Rutherford such as The Meadows School that will meet your expectations.

Allow children to discover things on their own

It is normal to want to help your children in activities that seem difficult for them. However, in certain cases it’s best to allow children to succeed and fail on their own. The most successful students are the ones who learn to be dependable, responsible, and organized through trial and error.
As a parent, it’s up to you to set up your children for success. All you need is commitment and persistence, and you’ll be on your way to discovering your child’s resilience and their love for learning.