Twitter Founder To Join Disney

twitter founderTwitter founder, Jack Dorsey, has been nominated to join The Walt Disney Company’s board of directors.

Addition to Disney’s board

The election makes the Twitter inventor and Square CEO a board member effective immediately.

Shareholders will be able to vote on his nomination at the company’s annual conference on March 2014.

“Jack Dorsey is a talented entrepreneur who has helped create groundbreaking new businesses in the social media and commerce spaces,” said Disney chief executive and chairman Robert Iger in a press statement. “The perspective he brings to Disney and its board is extremely valuable.”

Interest in tech

At the age of 37, Dorsey would become the youngest board member, the majority of whom are in their 50s.

The company’s tech bets in the past few years have included the purchase of gaming companies. Disney’s interest in technology, however, goes beyond any one area of the company.

Think before Disposing: Selling Broken Laptops for Cash

girl annoyed at old laptopThe holiday season is the time for buying new laptops and other electronic devices. Many users are discarding their old gadgets to buy the latest on the market. Many are thinking, “It’s time to sell my broken laptop for cash!” Yes, don’t just throw your outdated laptop, because you can recycle it for cash.

Is It Time for a New One?

New laptop models hold great promises of added features and improved power. This is why most users easily replace their current laptops with new ones. The longer you keep your old laptop, the less money you’ll get when you finally decide to sell it. If it doesn’t work properly, you’re better off buying something new. If this is the case, sell your broken laptop for fast cash so you’ll spend less money to buy a new one.

What Devalues the Price of Laptops?

The resale price for your laptop will drop significantly if you don’t include the original packaging, cables, cases, instruction manuals, and cords. Its physical condition is also important in determining the resale value. Deep scratches and a few dents decrease its value, so it’s important to maintain the appearance if you’re planning to sell it later on.

What are the Rewards for Selling Laptops?

Don’t bother selling your laptop at pawn shops; you won’t get a good deal from them. A few companies gladly take old electronics off your hands and give cash based on the condition of your laptop. If your unit is in bad shape and cash isn’t an option, some companies will still help you recycle it.

Some companies offer free recycling programs that ensure your laptop won’t go to landfills. For mobile devices, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) maintains a list of providers that have take back and donation programs. Recycling your broken laptop for cash and replacing it with a new one is the most cost-effective way to stay eco-friendly and up to date with the rapid pace of technology.

“Obamacare Heroin” Shipment Busted

Getting an Obamacare for Americans is a big problem, but not for an Obamacare heroin. On December 20, Massachusetts State Police made a traffic stop, and State Police K9 sniffed out 1,250 bags of heroin in the vehicle, which included a number of bags stamped with “Obamacare.”

Heroin with Personal Stamp

heroinMassachussetts State Police got hundreds of bags of heroin stamped with the mark “Obamacare.” Along with it is a doped named after late rocker Kurt Cobain.

Heroin dealers on the East Coast often mark the small plastic bags which contain a single dose of heroin with a personal brand stamp. This inspires word of mouth promotion and brand loyalty from buyers.

Obamacare Heroin Not a Single Incident

Authorities seized 1,250 bags of heroin during a traffic stop in Hatfield, Mass. The car had been pulled over after officers noticed several violations.

The Obamacare heroin is not a single incident. Back in 2008, New Jersey police discovered 240 packets of heroin marked “Obama 09” on one side. It had a likeness of Barack Obama on the other side.

Facebook Secondary Stock Offering Priced At $55.05

Facebook-IPOOnline social media company Facebook has priced a secondary offering of its stock at $55.05 per share in an agreement that will generate a $2.3 billion dollar windfall for its CEO Mark Zuckerberg.  The terms which were announced Friday are just slightly lower than the $55.02 closing price of Facebook stock on Friday.  The current price of the stock is well over the $38 dollar price range set during Facebook’s IPO about nineteen months ago, recovering from a low of $17.55 last year fueled by concerns over the slow growth of the company and doubt over the ability to sell advertisements as more of its traffic came from smartphone users instead of desktop computers.

Proven Skeptics Wrong

Facebook has proven the pundits wrong as its mobile advertising went up in order to boost its revenue which delighted stockholders. The stock of Facebook has more than doubled in 2013 which provided the groundwork for a secondary stock offering pegged at 70 million shares.

Vietnam’s Finest: Must See Top Three Spots

visiting the wonders of VietnamVietnam is more than just a picture of natural beauty. Majestically sitting in the easternmost part of the Indochina Peninsula, the country boasts of colourful history and unique tradition still visible in its vibrant streets today. Its natural attractions combined with impressive cultural spots continue to attract visitors from different parts of the world, which makes the country a rising tourism hotspot in Asia.

If it is your first time to visit Vietnam for a holiday tour, it pays to know first the finest places to see and explore.

Here are some of the best attractions you should include in your itineraries:

Ha Long Bay

Literally translated as the “Bay of the Descending Dragons,” Ha Long Bay provides you with a magnificent view of thousands of islands with dense, green forests. The towering limestone formations with different shapes and sizes rise up from the pristine emerald waters. UNESCO declared Ha Long Bay as a world heritage site in 1994, launching it in popularity and opening its doors to more tourists.

Hoi An Ancient Town

Located on the coast of the South China Sea, the humble town of Hoi An used to be a popular fishing village. Now it is a must-see tourist spot in Vietnam; its seaside charm captures the interest of local and foreign visitors. Its Old Town features a number of Chinese shops and temples, Japanese bridges, and French-inspired houses, creating a colourful mix of culture and giving guests with a glimpse of its vibrant past. The narrow canals that impressively cut through the town are the reason many people call it the “Venice of Vietnam.”

Mekong Delta

Found in the southern part of the country, the Mekong Delta is where the Mekong River empties into the sea. This region is popular for its vast rice fields producing about 50% of Vietnam’s total agricultural output. What is interesting about the place is that residents go to other villages by the river rather than by road. The Mekong River is not only serving as a centre of transportation, but it is also, where much of the trade activity happens. They say a visit to the region will never be complete without hopping on a boat, visiting the floating markets, and buying food from vendors rowing their boat-stores.

Make sure to visit these spots on your upcoming holiday tour to Vietnam. Seek the help of a reliable travelling agency that can customise your tour depending on your schedule and budget.

Gay Magazine Names Pope Francis As “Person Of The Year”

pope francisThe Advocate, a leading US-based magazine for the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) community, named Pope Francis as its Person of the Year – describing him as “the single most influential person of 2013” on LGBTs.

The magazine acknowledged on Monday, December 16, that although the Pope is “still not pro-gay by today’s standards,” his “change in rhetoric” on LGBTs is already a great and notable contribution.

A Great Deal of Respect

The Advocate said, “As Pope, he has not yet said the Catholic Church supports civil unions. But what Francis does say about LGBT people has already caused reflection and consternation within his church. The moment that grabbed headlines was during a flight from Brazil to Rome. When asked about gay priests, Pope Francis told reporters, according to a translation from Italian, ‘If someone is gay and seeks the Lord with good will, who am I to judge?’”

A New Pope

“The brevity of that statement and the outsized attention it got immediately are evidence of the Pope’s sway. His posing a simple question with very Christian roots, when uttered in this context by this man, ‘Who am I to judge?’ became a signal to Catholics and the world that the new Pope is not like the old pope,” the magazine said.

Creator Of “Walking Dead” Sues AMC For Non-Payment Of Profits

Oscar-nominated writer and director Frank Darabont is suing AMC for what he claims is a campaign to deny him millions of dollars in profit from the hit television show.  Darabont and his Creative Arts Agency filed the suit Tuesday in New York Supreme Court against AMC Network Entertainment LLC.

No Share of Profits Paid

creatorThe suit alleges that despite four seasons of major success and profitability from the show, the defendants have not provided any profits for the development of the series to Darabont.  The network declined to comment on the details of the suit which also alleges that Darabont was forced to leave as producer without due cause.  He developed “The Walking Dead” from author Robert Kirkman’s comic book series about zombies.  The lawsuit states that AMC decided to produce the series in-house and paid itself a considerably small sum to air it, engaging in what the suit says was “the improper and abusive practice of self-dealing.”

‘Fifty Shades’ Actor Jamie Dornan Welcomes Baby Girl

“Fifty Shades of Grey” actor Jamie Dornan and wife Amelia Warner recently welcomed a baby girl, a representative confirmed, which is just in time for the holidays.

jamie-dornanBirth details

No information regarding the little girl’s name and other birth details have been announced yet.

This is the first child for Dornan and his wife who were married since April of this year. An unnamed source said the actor is “thrilled” to become a father.

The couple’s bundle of joy

Dornan is currently in Vancouver filming the movie adaptation  E.L. James’ “Fifty Shades of Grey” with costar Dakota Johnson, where he plays the lead role of Christian Grey.

The new family of three will be spending the holiday season at a rented home in Vancouver, near the shooting location.

The home may be temporary, but it’s ready for the holidays and decorated even with the actor’s hectic schedules.

Online Donors Grant 6-Year-Old’s Wish Of Prosthetic Arm

One 6-year-old boy will definitely be happy this Christmas, thanks to the online donors who granted him his wish to have a prosthetic arm.

The Power of Social Media

kiezekNew York-born Christopher Kiezek wished more than just an Xbox One from Santa Claus. He also requested for fingers so he can play the console.

Luckily, family friend Robert “Uncle Bobby” Jackson heard the boy’s wish to Santa. Soon after, he set up a GoFundMe campaign to raise $25,000 for the boy’s arm. The campaign went viral, and as of posting time, Uncle Bobby along with the thousands of donors have raised almost $58,000.

Christopher’s old prosthesis no longer fits him, and according to his mother Christine, the insurance company does not cover a new arm as it is, apparently, not necessary to the child’s life.

‘For someone in need’

Uncle Bobby said in an interview that he cried because of the massive success of the campaign. He added, “It’s what Christmas is all about – raising money for someone in need. That’s what we’re trying to do.”

Jackson said he used to thank the contributors individually, but it has gotten to a point that he can no longer do so. He plans to start a nonprofit organization named after Christopher with the extra funds.

Israeli Start-Up To End Roaming Charges

Israeli start-up Cell Buddy is considering to end the common fear for international travels: roaming charges.

New calling and data plans

israeliThe company aims to turn any mobile phone into a local one, where travelers can choose from a range of calling and data plans with carriers in dozens of countries.

As  a result, they will pay local rates, instead of the costly rates charged by their wireless telecoms companies at home.

Once the service begins next year, customers will be able to use a universal SIM card provided by the start-up.

Travelers need to launch a Cell Buddy app once they reach their destination.

No more roaming charges

Cell Buddy’s SIM, however, functions only with unlocked phones, making it difficult for some travelers who have devices still tied to two-year contracts.

The company’s service eliminates the need to order a roaming plan ahead of time, stand in line to buy a local SIM card, or switch cards.

The most important benefit is that the service will end roaming charges to the home carrier.