3 Tips for Choosing the Ideal Aerial Working Platform for Your Projects

One of the responsibilities of project managers is to ensure that their personnel have the appropriate equipment to do their job. If some of your workers are working in high and hard-to-reach places, for instance, it is important to choose the right aerial working platforms to ensure their safety and efficiency. Here are three tips to help you select the right equipment.

The number of people doing a task

The number of people involved in a task at height plays a big role in determining which AWP best suits them. When the task requires one worker, then a trailer-mounted cherry picker is perfect. But if several workers are required for the task, then you will need a larger platform, such as a scissor lift. Remind the personnel to wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

The height the workers will be working at

Different AWPs have different movement capacities, so you need to establish how high the task is as you choose the right equipment. Scissor lifts may provide large platforms, but they can only extend to 50 feet above the ground. For heights higher than this, you may want to choose boom lifts, which can go as high as 130 feet.

The kind of tools and materials you intend to use

Some projects require the use of power tools and equipment. If you will not be using batteries for the tools, then the lift needs to have power outlets. Where you will be transporting material using the lift, then the equipment needs to have enough space for both the workers and the materials.

The secret to successfully conducting jobs at height lies in your ability to assemble not just the right people for the job, but the right aerial working platforms as well. By knowing the key requirements for the project, you can match them with the best equipment.