3 Tips to Achieve Healthy, Sun-Kissed Glow

Sun-kissed womanAustralia is synonymous with sun, fun, surfing, and tan. But with the changing seasons, it’s not always possible to get the natural, sun-kissed glow that the summer sun can give you. Using tanning oils, lotions, and other self-tanners are great options, but to get the most out of using them. Take a look at some of these few, simple tips:

Prep your skin

Exfoliating is important whether you prefer getting a natural tan or using a self-tanner. It removes dead skin cells, which helps even out your skin tone. Do apply some moisturiser on areas that have rougher skin like your knees and elbows. By making the necessary preparation, Bali Body and other experts say that you can avoid splotches and spots on your Australian tan as well as make sure that it will not fade easily.

Choose the right product

It’s not always about what is supposedly the priciest and most luxurious product available. Instead, take other factors into mind when choosing your self-tanner. For example, if you plan to tan under the sun, consider a product with higher SPF. If you’re a newbie in self-tanning, look for a product that will gradually build on colour over days as it will be the easiest to use. You won’t likely see too much difference as it should only give you a slight tan.

Not all products are equal

Although you might want to apply your self-tanner from head to toe, it’s actually not advisable. You should only use products that are non-comedogenic for your face, as they won’t clog your pores. Products that are not labelled as such might cause unwanted skin problems as some products that are not specifically formulated for facial can tend to be heavier and greasier. This is because skin from the rest of your body may require more moisture compared to the skin on your face.

A sun-kissed glow is possible if you know what to do. A little research won’t help to make sure that you get the result you want.

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