4 Clever Hacks to Encourage Office Punctuality

Employees riding a shuttle

Employees riding a shuttleSo you might have been bothered by the increasing incidents of tardiness in your office. You may want to consider several brilliant ideas to encourage your people to come to work early.

Here are some interesting tips to consider.

Get a shuttle minibus

How about giving your employees some great perks of getting employed? You may tap some mini bus services in Sydney to provide your employees with a free shuttle ride to help them get to the office early.

Not only will your employees save up on regular fare but they also get to be motivated to show up on time.

Give away rewards

You may want to reinforce positive behaviour by giving away rewards. A bag of groceries for the most punctual employee of the month will surely delight the winner. You may also do a simple awarding ceremony during an early morning pep talk.

Either way, you get to give your employees a pat on the back.

Make punctuality count

In your efforts to have employees early on board, you may want to include punctuality in their performance evaluation scheme. Everyone slated for promotion will need to perform well when it comes to attendance.

This way, you would not need to remind them repeatedly to be in the plant on time.

Keep up productivity

It will be useful to discuss with your employees the impact of punctuality on productivity. Getting to work early would mean getting to do more tasks and getting paid fully for a day’s work. A productivity orientation might help boost the motivation of employees to report to work early.

An hour or two will do to complete the project module.

See, getting your employees to come on time is not that tough at all. All it takes is the creativity and will to push forward with your anti-tardiness programs.

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