4 Deck Designs Perfect for Your Rest and Relaxation

New Zealand is popular for its abundant green fields and lovely autumn weather. And experiencing this on a wooden deck surrounded by nature can always uplift the spirit. A deck is not only an extension of your home. It is also a way for you to relax and unwind after a long day’s work.

You can have an all-wooden deck with patio furniture and umbrellas. Or you can go for a more modern look with frameless glass balustrades and dark wicker furniture.

So, if you are planning to have your own deck built, here are four design ideas to help you out.

1. The Rustic Deck

You can use tree stumps as a table or as stools, and a log for a bench. Even if your deck is small, there is no reason for it not to be cosy. This would be perfect for a nightcap or an intimate wine and cheese session with your best friend.

2. The Up and Out Deck

A deck does not always have to be on ground level. If you have a second floor that has a wide view of the surrounding nature, take your deck up there and extend it out to enjoy relaxation weekends al fresco.

3. The Private and Petite Deck

Modest homes that house a family of two or three people, a small deck that goes straight into your garden, keeps your privacy as you enjoy the simple outdoor living of your own backyard.

4. The Mix and Match Deck

If you live close to dark green woods, a contrast of wood colours can look great on a deck. You can use white railings, neutral-coloured umbrellas and dark furniture with colourful cushions that will be great for a high-spirited afternoon party.

Remember that your deck design will depend on the surrounding landscape. Put some thought into what best fits your style and choice for relaxation because you will want your deck to serve you well on those days when you need quality rest and relaxation.