4 Easy Tips for Keeping Your Furniture in Good Shape

For millennia, wood and leather have been the preferred materials for furniture. That, however, doesn’t mean that your furniture pieces at home should look as though you’ve owned them for a millennium. If you’d rather keep them in mint shape for a lifetime, then why don’t you try these four proven tricks?

Position Furniture Away from Extreme Heat

Ask any furniture supplier, and they’ll tell you that heat is one of the biggest enemies of leather and wood. Heat can dry your leather and make it crack, notes New Life Office. To keep your seats safe, place them at least two feet away from furnace vents of fireplaces.

Deal with Spills Promptly

While you may try as hard as possible to keep drinks away from your furniture, it’s still possible for accidents to occur. If liquid spills on your seat, blot the area with a soft cloth. Avoid rubbing the area, as that can make the liquid spread into the fibers. Once you’ve dried with a clean cloth, you can allow the air to do the rest.

Remove Stains Appropriately

Stains can make your furniture unsightly, but there are ways you can effectively deal with them, no matter how stubborn they seem. A mild solution of Castile soap and clear lukewarm should help take care of any stubborn stain. To protect the leather from stains in the future, apply a mild leather cream at least every six months.

Keep Seats Clean

Like the rest of your house, your furniture needs to be regularly cleaned to stay attractive. Once a week, be sure to dust it thoroughly. You may use gum eraser to remove grime and dirt. Rub with the grain when waxing wood furniture for that extra shine.

If your furniture pieces are top quality, then they should be able to last for a reasonably long time. With proper care, you can ensure that your furniture ages gracefully, lasting well beyond a lifetime to become a valued family heirloom.