4 Effective Ways To Keep Water Bills Down

Water bill statementThe rising cost of utilities continues in Australia. Water bills account for a good portion of home utilities. The good thing is that with the right measures, you can reduce your water bills. Here are five effective ways to lower your water costs.

Tap rainwater

Many people do not bother with rainwater or do not realise that it can save them a lot of money. Rainwater in most cases is safe for drinking and does not require expensive treatment methods. It is also very suitable for household use because it is soft. Rainfill Tanks and Curved Roofing Supplies suggests that you only require installing gutters on your roof and have them directed to a water tank. Water tanks in Western Australia are readily available and can be delivered and installed.

Reconsider your showers

The most efficient way to reduce your water usage is to cut down your shower time. A fifteen-minute shower consumes about 140 litres of water. A five-minute shower is enough and can cut your bath water consumption by a third.

You can also make more savings if you replace your traditional showerhead with a low-flow showerhead. A low flow showerhead releases about 9.5 litres per minute, compared to conventional models that release 20 litres per minute. Another option is to go for showers instead of baths. Filling a bathtub requires too much water.

Repair leaks

A leaky tap can waste up to 7,000 litres of water in a year. If Toilet cisterns could also make you lose water and money. So regularly keep an eye on them.

People use a lot of water when they use their toilets. A conventional toilet releases 14 litres of water after a single flush. You can gain substantial savings by reducing the capacity of your cistern. A common way of doing this is by filling up a bottle with water and then keeping it inside your cistern.

Avoid half runs on dishes and laundry

You can save water by using dishwashing machines or washers less. A half run consumes as much water as a full run, therefore, wait for your items to accumulate to clean at once instead of running several times.

A lot of household water is wasted on a daily basis. By focusing on reducing waste and water harvesting, you can keep your water bills down.

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