4 Ways to Get Your Customers Attend Your Event on Short Notice

Organizing an event for your business is a good way to promote your products or services. If you are creative and meticulous enough, you can put up a good show. The most crucial factor, though, is how you can get your customers to attend your event. If you only have a short lead time, you need to work double time.

Advertise online

You know that your customers spend so much time on the Internet. However, do you know which sites they frequent? Do you know what kind of ads would appeal to them the most? Your best bet is to get help from an online advertising agency. You don’t want to spend the remaining time still doing your analytics.

Engage in social media

Engaging with your customers in your social media accounts doesn’t come with a cost, so do it. Be active in answering queries, comments, and messages. Some people don’t read or miss details even if they are all there, so be patient in answering simple questions like the venue, how to purchase tickets, hours, and transportation, among others.

Pick up the phone

Dan McCarthy, an event manager, writes on Eventbrite how important it is to directly reach out to your high-priority customers. It is not difficult to send them a personalized e-mail and call them to follow-up, confirm their attendance, and thank them either way. It’s something that they would greatly appreciate.

Use promo campaign

Entice your customers by offering something special in return for their attendance at your event. You can give them first dibs on limited edition products or discount coupons. You can also host contests online to give free tickets to spread the news quickly.

Hosting a beautiful event is worthless if it is not well-attended and if the people you have been targeting to attend don’t come or worse, never even knew that such an event happened. If you don’t have the luxury of time to launch campaigns after campaigns, you need to focus your energy on doing the most effective and efficient ways.