Accommodation Options for Students in London

Clean hostel room for studentsBeing a student can be tough especially when one wants to be away from home and live independently from their parents. Whether you are just joining the university or have come back for your masters, post graduate diploma, or Ph.D., one of the most important decisions that you will need to make apart from selecting the course to study, is where to stay. Student accommodation can range from school-managed accommodation, private accommodation, and managed partnership accommodation. Here are several accommodation options available for students.

University Halls of Residence

The halls of residence are owned by the school. They offer a range of choices such as catered or self-catered options and shared or en suite bathrooms. Most halls of residence offer different meals including dinner and breakfast.

Private Halls of Residence

They are similar to the halls of residence owned by the school with the difference being that they are privately-owned, open to everyone, and generally more expensive. Private halls are usually laid out in studio apartments and shared flats and offer excellent quality accommodation with communal facilities. It can be a relatively viable option compared to renting a private house because some include the utility bills within the rent.

Shared Flats/Houses

It is the most common type of student’s private accommodation and there if often a large selection of properties which you can choose from. Students can rent a house or flat where they can share certain facilities such as kitchen facilities. Such accommodation can be managed by private operators, the college or partners.

Private Flat

It may appear to be an excellent choice especially for those who might have had an unfortunate experience of sharing a house with other students. They offer en suite facilities for each person. However, private flats can be quite expensive compared to other types of accommodation.

Because accommodation takes a significant portion allotted for college funding, it is crucial that you find cheap yet decent accommodation for students in London. It is also imperative that you choose an accommodation that meets your individual needs. Hostel agencies like can also provide great accommodation for students. Look for good room size, a property with the appropriate fire and safety certificates, and one that is well-maintained.