Ads Need a Little More Creativity to Succeed

What happened to the advertisements your brand released last year? Did they make an impact? Are they remembered for a remarkable message, and did they boost sales? If you answered yes to these questions, congratulations. You are one of the few Australian brands who know how to be creative in their ads.

If you did not get favourable results, however, it is time for you to re-evaluate your strategies. Perhaps injecting these factors should help:


When you design your business website and layout your Instagram posts, what is your primary aim? If it is just to get sales, it’s as dry as you can get. Rather, inspire customers with photos and captions that get them moving. When they feel good seeing your brand, they will want to connect with you. Talk to a creative advertising agency about a website overhaul or consider setting up digital billboards showing your products in a fun way.


Now, it would not be enough that your ads are inspiring. They should also be relevant to the life of your target consumers. These two go hand in hand. If ads strike something in your consumers, they will feel inspired. If it’s something they do not relate to, however, no matter how inspiring you think your ads are, they will simply not be successful. This is why knowing your audience is important.


You are targeting millennials who are looking for their next travel destination, and you have already inspired them to book their next flight. Where does your product come in? This is the time for you to position your brand as something they want to be with them on their trip. Whatever your business is specialising in, introduce yourself to your audience and put your best foot forward.

Anyone can slap text on a billboard and call it an ad. But to be effective, it should be inspirational, relevant and useful to your audience.