GLK MercedezMost carmakers will disclose sad news when it comes to the use of diesel in the United States —with Mercedes-Benz as an exception. The German automaker has an enduring history of diesel power. Its diesel history is actually the longest, as its 1936 260D was the world’s first diesel-powered passenger car.

The 2013 GLK adds more to its already established reputation of style and sophistication. It has an intelligently redesigned front-end styling, a revamped interior, more power, and improved fuel economy. The carmaker’s smallest SUV is the first three-pointed star for those looking for style and function.

Providing inspiration for the newest model is a 2.1-liter, 4-cyldiner diesel, complemented to the car’s supreme seven-speed automatic transmission and 4Matic drive. Talking about price, the GLK250 Blue TEC is worth $39,495, putting it between the GLK350 ($37,995) and GLK350 4Matic ($39,995). But just like all cars from the brand, its price is likely to increase. A representative from the company revealed that the average transaction price for a GLK would cost up to $43,000.

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