Not Going Mobile on Your PPC Campaign Will Cost You a Lot

Web designer's pin board planning mobile version of main websiteIn today’s saturated market, more and more businesses are becoming aware of just how important balancing physical and online marketing is.

It’s no longer enough to rely on traditional print and media advertising; to gain a huge advantage over the competition, small to mid-size businesses need to put in just as much – or even more – effort towards their web-based marketing strategies.

And one such tactic that continues to show its effectiveness in spreading the word about a particular business and its products or services is Pay-per-Click.

What trends and statistics have to say

At its core, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is a form of paid online advertising method designed to direct traffic to websites. It involves an advertiser (the party that owns the advertisement) paying a publisher (the website or network of websites where the ad appears) every time a visitor clicks on the ad.

Over the years, the PPC’s power has shone through, which is why all well-developed online marketing strategies include it as a critical component. And up until now, trends and statistics show that it will continue to serve business owners well into the future.

No PPC campaign is complete without a mobile aspect

When you seek the services of a highly experienced and reputable PPC Denver specialist such as Third Stage Marketing, you will learn that for online marketing campaigns to work, they need to incorporate a very important feature: mobile-friendliness. And for many good reasons.

One is because the number of mobile users just continues to rise. And every year, more and more consumers use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) than their desktop computers or laptops.

This means that you have a much higher likelihood of successful conversion with an online marketing campaign that includes tried and tested PPC tactics.

You should never neglect the power of Pay-Per-Click, especially when used in the mobile world. This way, you can increase your chances of capturing the ever-growing population that conduct their online searches through mobile devices.

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