Avoiding the Costly Consequences of Being Involved in a Road Accident

It’s Monday morning, and you’re excited about the week ahead as you make your way to the office. You tuned in to your favorite radio show while driving, then all of a sudden, another driver rear-ends your car.

In just a snap, this driver ruined all your well-laid plans for the day or probably the entire week. To make matters worse, the impact slammed you on the steering wheel and you suffered a bloodied nose. Before you even cuss how bad this morning is, your next course of action could make or break the accident you’re involved in.

Don’t come out swinging

As noted by the Law Office of Paul R. Bennett and other auto accident attorneys in the state, feeding into the rage that’s welling up inside you isn’t a good idea.

Although it’s clear that the other party is to blame, doing something based on emotions could get you into more trouble. Unless the other driver is under the influence, a road accident doesn’t always automatically translate into a crime. However, malicious damage to property and causing grievous bodily harm constitutes a criminal act.

Do call the police

Take a moment to calm yourself, then check on your passengers and dial the emergency number. If someone in your car is seriously injured, be sure to call an ambulance as well. It’s best to move everyone to safety (if possible), especially if you’re in the middle of the road. It might seem ironic, but do check on the other driver and help them (even if it’s their fault) if they’re injured. A little compassion in such a situation could save a life, and it’s a humane thing to do.

Getting into an accident can leave your well-laid plans shattered, car wrecked, and yourself injured. However, it doesn’t give you an excuse to take rash actions that could further compound the situation.

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