Bailiff: The Quicker Way to Recover Money Owed to You

It can be stressful when you have people who owe you money, and they keep giving you a run-around. In many cases, these individuals are tenants who have already missed out on payments and their debts already affect your business.

The good news is that bailiff services can help you recover what others owe you. This is one of the best and most efficient methods for debt recovery and is often a better option than hiring a debt collector. Here are some of the most important facts you need to know about bailiffs:

What bailiffs are and what they do

Bailiffs can either be one of two kinds: court bailiffs or private bailiffs, although the official term for them is ‘enforcement agents’. You will find private ones in a self-employed setting, working out of their own offices. Many of them also work for bigger companies specialising in rent recovery.

Regardless of whom they work for, all bailiffs have one thing in common: they have the legal authority to visit homes for debt collection. They can either ask the debtors for the payments or repossess the debtors’ belongings and sell them to recover their clients’ money.

How they differ from debt collectors

Your other option is to enlist the services of a debt collector. They charge lower than bailiffs, but since you want to expedite the recovery of the money owed to you, working with bailiffs could be a better choice because they have the legal power that collectors do not. This is the primary difference between the two.

Keep in mind though, that enforcement agents can only carry out debt collection, repossession, and selling of debtors’ belongings once they obtain a court order or a warrant.

Invest in bailiff services for faster recovery of your money. Working with a reputable bailiff office can make the process smoother and faster.