Body Acceptance and What It Means to be Beach Body Ready

A few years ago, an advertisement went viral for all the wrong reasons. The ad featured a thin young woman in a bikini and, next to her, the question “Are you beach body ready?” It was meant to promote weight loss products, but it had a negative connotation about what being “beach body ready” meant: that a woman had to have a certain body size or type, and women had to do whatever it took to be skinny.

This year, a fashion brand took that ad and turned it into a campaign that promoted a better idea: all women, regardless of size, were all beach body ready. While many have come to accept and love their body regardless of its flaws, we still have a long way to go before everyone can accept the beauty of all body types.

Embracing the Beauty of Any Body Type

It is hard to deny the body shaming that is happening in society. In a lot of cases, there is this mindset that women have to do whatever it takes to reach unrealistic beauty standards, and this causes eating disorders and other physical and mental conditions.

Instead of aiming for these standards, women should feel comfortable with their bodies. As long as they are healthy and happy, that should be good enough. Some women do not lose weight as quickly as others, and that is okay.

If women want to transform their bodies, they should not be judging their progress based on other women but on what their bodies can handle. According to a women’s weight loss program in Braintree, MA, not all bodies are biologically the same. Weight loss should be done healthily, not because people want to look a certain way fast.

Are You Beach Body Ready?

So, are you beach body ready? If you have a body (and, of course, you do!), and if you’re planning to visit a beach, you are definitely beach body ready. Women need to have confidence in themselves and know that they are all beautiful.

This summer, being “beach body ready” does not mean unhealthily shedding away fat for that idealized body image. Women are all beautiful, regardless of body shape, and what you choose to wear to the beach should be something in which you feel confident and beautiful. So, if that means wearing a bikini to the beach, why not?