Business Ideas You Can Load Up on the Back of Your Truck and Go

Man doing mobile workThere are many mobile business ideas to help get you started on your own. All you need is a Ute and a commercial body that is truly customised to the unique way you work and designed to keep your business equipment safe. 

With the right commercial body, you can run any mobile business from the back of your Ute. Here are a few ideas:

Mobile Mechanic

You are a qualified mechanic and don’t feel like working for a stiff establishment? Start out on your own. You can provide services, such as door-to-door car servicing and pre-purchase inspections anywhere within your city. All you need is a sturdy, space-saving customisation for the back of your Ute to carry all the required equipment. Everything else is in the expertise of your hands. 

Mobile Chef or Barista

Freshly served food always draws the crowd, whether it is lunchtime at the CBD or close to a park. The products can range from ice creams to coffee and kebabs. Plan your food preparation process carefully so that the commercial outfit for your truck will guarantee you the convenience and the least downtime.

Mall Delivery

Even with the onset of drones delivering online orders and pizzas, having a human deliver items on your shopping list still trumps robots. Depending on the size and variety of goods you offer, you should design storage spaces for different items. Do not forget to secure a hotline number.

Mobile Music Studio

Do you plan to start out your own party music, speaker and lighting services? The right configuration of tumble-safe storage should do the trick. Driving around carrying sensitive equipment needs to be safe, so be sure to employ a tried and tested expert in commercial bodies.

Mobile Photographer

Professional photography requires more than a camera and a tripod or reflectors. Consider how far you would travel for location shoots. Also, plan for bigger than ordinary wedding shoots. Would you also be transporting props? Your customised commercial body will be your travel and business buddy.

Every mobile business owner has unique needs. What goes into the design and customisation of your commercial body can help streamline your work process and reduce downtime.

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