Google Penalty: Telltale Signs to Look Out For

Google PenaltySearch engines, particularly Google, implement algorithms in determining the ranking of business websites. While there are some companies who purposely refuse to comply with these guidelines, there are others who don’t know they’re already breaking the rules until they see the effects of the penalty.

There are two types of Google penalties: manual penalties, wherein websites receive notifications through Webmaster Tools, now Google Search Console, and the ones that algorithm changes set off. Most of the time, business sites get penalties for not recognizing the latest updates in the optimization practices.

Identifying Penalty Execution

Getting warning reports from the Google Webmaster Tools is the most obvious way to know if your website has penalties. Aside from this, you should keep a close eye on your ranking and organic search traffic. If you notice a sudden drop in performance, then it’s a sign that penalties hit your website.

The notification you get from Google comes with a message that explains why they penalized your website. In addition, the message also contains recommendations on how you can lift the penalties.

According to Dan Stratford of Lawyer Marketing Expert, “Many ‘penalties’ are algorithmic and are never indicated in your Google Webmaster Tools.” He adds that even with such notification, professional assistance is necessary “to analyze the situation in detail, as Google’s messages are not very specific.”

Recovering from the Penalty

Recovery is relatively quicker if your rankings only dropped by less than one page or at most three pages. It can take as much as six months, depending on a few factors. Identify first on-site issues that can affect your rankings negatively, including duplicate content, keyword stuffing, and incorrect description tags.

The duration of the recovery process also depends on how well you implement a recovery strategy. You should target the right links and know the specific aspects you need to work on. More importantly, recovering faster heavily relies on how quickly Google responds to these changes.

Receiving penalties for not abiding by Google’s guidelines is daunting for your business website. But getting back on track is always possible, especially if you know the problem and how to fix it.

Why Your Online Business Should Care for Gen Xers

Gen XersGen Y, or the Millennials, are the youngest, most active age group on the Internet. Generations before them are the baby boomers – those hard working, post-war guys who were able to save more than enough money to spend today.

Sandwiched between these two tasty buns of consumers is a juicy, all-beef patty called the Gen X. Here, you will learn about these meaty online shoppers, and why choosing Gen Xers as the focus of your SEO service in Perth, says, is a wise market move.

Why You Should Care For Them More

Gen Xers are your mother, your father, or sometimes even you. Born between the 60s and the early 80s and grew up when the online technology is still budding, Gen Xers are today’s ‘digital immigrants’.

But no matter how inorganic they are on the internet, Gen X by far is the most ‘at home’ digital citizen today. Here’s why:

Gen X Spends More

While Millennials (born between the early 1980s and the early 2000s) are most likely to scour the Internet for things to shop, it’s the Gen Xers who enters their credit card info and hit buy. In fact, a 2012 study revealed Gen Xers spent more than $500 for online purchases within three months, far bigger than what Gen Yers and Baby Boomers spent in the same period.

Gen Xers are Stable

Gen Xers continue to be a tough market force today because of their stability. By this time, they have invaded the corporate scene, while some of them do well out of their parents’ estate. They have money at their disposal, and that’s what makes them a perfect online marketing target.

Gen Xers Leave the Biggest Digital Footprint

You might not believe this, but do you know that Gen Xers spend a lot more time online than other age groups after them? A 2012 study revealed that Gen Xers surf for an average of 1,194 minutes, or 33 hours and 4 minutes, every single month. That’s more than enough time to chance on your online campaign!

Gen Xers will continue to be the market’s prime movers; and we can’t see it stopping just yet in the near future.

Balancing Evergreen and Real-Time Content

Your SiteWith the rise of value the industry is placing on content, SEO specialists and writers are hustling to provide the consumers with better quality content. With this effort comes the dilemma: do they post more of ever-lasting articles the audience wouldn’t mind going back to or do they go for articles that are relevant to news and events?

In face of this dilemma, companies can best make use of outside help. SEO consultants and third party experts will help you find the right balance between evergreen and real-time content. You don’t have to pick just one. Harmony between the two will lead to better website traffic and revenue.

Evergreen Content

Before you master the balance between the two, you have to know them first. Evergreen content is the type of content consumers will find valuable long after the day, the month, or the year is over.

It stays relevant and so you are banking on content the consumers are likely to continually utilize over time, ensuring page views and leads long after its posting.

Large pieces of content, like e-books, video interviews, infographics, make excellent evergreen content. These can help keep your website stay relevant without the extra effort necessary in keeping up with all the timely events. It’s smart and strategic. You can also plan a quarterly marketing strategy for long-term content so you can free more time for updating your social media with the frequency it requires.

Real-Time Content

Evergreen content boasts its timeliness, but nothing beats the freshness of real-time content. Because it’s current, you can expect a single real-time post to generate a large amount of page views in just the few hours after it’s gone live. It lets consumers and readers know you are keeping up with current events and trends, and that you are valuable to them.

It’s an excellent way to take advantage of current events and yield it as a means of staying relevant. Real-time content is popular for sharing across social media platforms. Provide topics on the latest news and find new angles in social topics that’s likely to generate discourse. This way, you are building credibility so more users will look up to your site for news and insights.

Like all things, hitting the balance between the two is crucial. Posting too much of news might reduce your brand to nothing but a catalog of current events. At the same time, too much evergreen might drop your leads to a large amount as more in-the-moment news pop in. As with all things, finding the balance will drive you to greater heights.

3 Creative Ways to Add Spice to Your TV Ad

Television commercialTelevision commercials have always been an effective platform for marketing purposes. Its short form appeals to those with short attention spans, but most materials are also long enough to deliver the branding message effectively. It is a bite-sized marketing tool with a major impact on all potential sales and contributes significantly to wider reach.

In Australia, there are a lot of TV ads that made a lasting mark on audiences of all ages. You, too, can make a memorable television ad that will make your brand a household name or boost its status even further. How do you make it so that a 30-second reel leaves a lasting impression on your target audience? Take a look at the following:

Be Unconventional

Unremarkable TV ads might be entertaining at times, but they are ultimately a waste of broadcasting space. People will just associate your ad with all the others that have the same content. Try to create an iconic tagline that grabs attention or a jingle that make your audience hum even when they are away from the television. Be unconventional and look for something that will make your brand stand out.

Emphasise the Brand

You want your TV ad to entertain and inform your audience, but make sure to emphasise the brand as well. It is easy for the marketing message to get lost in translation if you do not highlight the brand. Create an exciting build-up in the middle, and then reveal your product or service at the end. says there are reliable TV advertising agencies that specialise in bringing out the best of your brand and making it more appealing to your target market

Tell a Story

The best ads tell a compelling story. Do not just list all the positive things about your product or service. It’s what your audience needs, but you need to go beyond just that. Create a story where your brand makes a huge difference and produces something positive.

An effective TV ad speaks to its audience. Make your ad rise above the rest.

Why These Things Should Be the Focus of Your Online Marketing Initiatives

Focusing on the most important aspects of your online marketing efforts will give you the results you need. You can try as many strategies as possible, but make sure you’re on the right track. Online marketing is about reaching your target audience and encouraging them to take action.

social mediaWhile different strategies continue to emerge, the following are among the most important things to focus on:

Becoming a Trend-Setter

Customers are always looking for something new, something they can be proud of or can share with their friends or loved ones. By being unique in your industry, you can grab the attention of millions of consumers online. Industry veteran says marketing campaigns on social media is a good example. Just be sure to convey the right message to gain positive results.

Triggering Emotions

According to industry experts, emotional triggers make customers feel something and act on those feelings. Advertisements that trigger emotions such as fear, guilt, and trust make customers do exactly what you want them to do. Content has something to do with this. You have to be clear about your message as you write your marketing piece. Phrases like “free delivery” and “no hidden charges are some of the best examples.

Providing the Best Experience

Always care about what your customers feel about your products or services. Experts agree that providing the best experience is key to gaining and retaining more customers. Talk to your SEO provider and discuss how you can make browsing through or shopping on your eCommerce site more enjoyable for the clients. Redesigning your website and making it search engine-friendly can make a huge difference for your business.

You can always try new techniques to boost your online presence and increase your client base, but you can increase your chances of getting the needed results if you focus on these important things. Work with the right marketing agency that will provide the services, support, and resources you need to get to the top.

Shifting Needs: Why Flexibility is Crucial in SEO Services
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Shifting Needs: Why Flexibility is Crucial in SEO Services

reliable seoA good marketing strategy is a key factor to the success of a business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of ranking a business website or webpage on the top page of several search engine sites by increasing its traffic leads and visibility in search results.

Benefits Businesses Get from SEO

Most businesses hire SEO service providers so they can market their goods and services to a bigger audience. An owner may put several inviting features and offers from their business, but if no one is visiting the page, the marketing is useless.

According to a known provider of Fibre service,, the rules of the game keep changing. Effective SEO methods lead many customers towards the business and create regular traffic on the page, thus escalating the sales and return of investment.

Importance of a Custom SEO Method

Every business has certain differences; an SEO technique that greatly affects a business in a positive way may yield an opposing result for others. There are several factors that separate a company from its competitors in the industry. The effectiveness of SEO services depends on the elements of the business– type of products and services offered, the target audience, and budget, among others.

Role of Flexibility in SEO Services

As various businesses have unique and certain needs, SEO service providers must never lean towards a standard technique or template. Offering a single method reduces the opportunity for these companies because it is only suitable for a handful of businesses. Flexible strategies tend to help clients surpass the competition because of the exclusivity, hence coming closer to success.

Providing customised services attracts and impresses clients from the moment they take a look at the portfolio. A well-developed website means better authority, higher credibility, and extensive expert knowledge. Working one-on-one enables SEO service providers to deliver top results.

In choosing an SEO service provider, companies must go for quality over quantity. Marketing is about competing with others in selling the same business to the public, and to get ahead of the competition, company owners prefer to use a customised method suitable for their needs.

Essential Media Buying Tips to Live By

When it comes to marketing, media buying plays an important role. Which techniques do you use for your campaigns? How long should specific campaigns run? Which media platforms do you buy and utilise? These are questions regarding marketing that need to be answered.

media ideas

The truth is, there is no one answer to effective media buying. Using the media to advertise is such a tricky art to master that the expertise of advertisers is necessary to power successful advertising campaigns and achieve the best results. Getting the best placement at the lowest possible prices on any given media platform is a significant aspect to the success of all businesses.

According to Big Ideas Group, here are some media platform factors to consider when you are taking on an advertorial campaign:


Always consider the medium’s reach before buying for advertorial purposes. You may spend millions on well-planned ad campaigns, but if they do not reach your targeted demographics, then you just wasted your precious resources, not to mention your time and effort.


How often should you place advertisements? Remember that your target audience are not perennially glued to the telly, radio, or their computers. You just have to place yourself in the most accessible times and places. Be wary of overdoing it though, as consumers today are much more discerning. With so much information available at their fingertips, audiences are more sceptical, and a too aggressive campaign has the potential to backfire and yield undesirable results.

Go digital

It only makes sense to use as much of the digital tools you have at your disposal. They are the fastest, most efficient, and oftentimes the most cost effective ways of getting the message across.

With the wide reach that social media has, it is a veritable goldmine of advertising probabilities. Companies all across the globe have tapped into it for such purposes and there is no reason you should not do the same.

Well-planned advertorial campaigns, when implemented properly on the right platforms, have the power to boost a company’s success and ensure a faster return on investment. With it, you can see your company soar to heights higher than you ever thought possible.

To the Top: Finding the Perfect SEO Provider for Your Business
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To the Top: Finding the Perfect SEO Provider for Your Business

hiring reliable seo consultantBeing number one in the industry is the lifetime goal of every business; being number one in search engine results is just as essential.

In a world where more and more people turn to the internet for their daily needs and wants, it is of utmost importance that businesses should also utilize technology to market their products and services. People turn to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing to find what they want. The first result gets the most clicks. If that link leads to your company’s website, those clicks can turn into more brand exposure, more revenues, and ideally, turn your business into a success.

It sounds easy, right? It’s not.

Most, if not all businesses, turn to online marketing experts to make this possible. Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most efficient options and key ingredient to business success. Hiring SEO consultants would be the best way to turn your no-go business to a booming one.

Here are some ways to help you find the SEO services providers that would best suit your business:

Do Your Research

Do a background check for your prospective SEO company. Ask for a list of previous and current clients to help you gauge whether your prospect has provided efficient services to others. Professional SEO companies, such as Nu Studio, for example, understand that experience and good feedback are important when looking for reliable e-marketing service providers.

Ask Questions

Ask your SEO consultant or team how they can specifically improve your business. Yes, some SEO companies offer services that are not available in others, but make sure that they also know what they are doing. A wide selection of online marketing services does not always mean they are effective. Ask them if they are willing to share the changes they make on your website so you’ll know exactly how they can improve your business.

Prepare for the Budget

Know how much you will be paying for the services. Most SEO companies ask for project-based payments. Payments vary depending on the project size and difficulty. According to The Moz Blogs’ SEO pricing survey, most SEO projects cost $1,000 to $7,500 —costly, but it’s worth the investment.

Some businesses can do online marketing on their own, but it’s best to hire an SEO company especially for small brick-and-mortar businesses. Ask for help — businesses who try it on their own rarely become the number one.

Asset Management: Think Wise, Not Twice
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Asset Management: Think Wise, Not Twice

asset managementOperations managers in the asset-intensive industry certainly do not have it easy. They have too much to think about, from inventory checking to asset maintenance and repairs. Factor in the rigorous process of complying with different international standards, and you have a task only a handful can do efficiently.

Convenient as it may be to think their job is impossible to do, the truth is that there are ways to be successful in the field. All it takes is simple planning and strategic implementation. If you are managing operations in a construction or manufacturing firm, take these effective enterprise asset management reminders into careful account:

Know Your Key Performance Indicators

Successful business owners use key performance indicators (KPI) to measure the effectiveness of their strategies. Not having at least one is like navigating the rough seas without knowing the coordinates. Most organisations use Return on Assets (ROA) to check on the health of the business. ROA measures how the assets fare from inception to retirement, so it helps to have reliable enterprise assets management software.

Take Things Little by Little

Asset management is a huge undertaking. This means any change you make to the procedures has a huge effect to the overall results. It is best to take things slowly to ensure proper implementation. You can start in phases or by department, for instance.

Review Results

Apart from using KPIs and implementing changes step by step, it also pays to review results regularly. This helps set objectives and goals in streamlining your asset management practices. You can address issues and revise particular points immediately this way.

Train Your Workforce

Ultimately, any task can be done more efficiently if the whole workforce knows the procedures down to the last details. Make training your first priority as soon as you start implementing your asset management practices. Make sure they are familiar with the international standards, and offer incentives to those who can perform well in the training.

Asset management is not easy, but the rewards more than make up for it. You can guide your business to success, put order to your operations, and ensure a better path for your asset management practices.

Leave a Mark: Steps to Creating a Comprehensive Brand Strategy
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Leave a Mark: Steps to Creating a Comprehensive Brand Strategy

climbing the career ladderBranding is perhaps the most important aspect any starting business needs to develop. You need to create an effective brand strategy if you want your business to shine in the ever-competitive market.

Your brand isn’t your product, logo, or business name—it’s what your customers think about you and how you make them feel. It’s what makes you unique; the thing that sets you apart from your competitors.

Whether you are a start-up or just planning to establish a business, here’s how you can create a comprehensive brand strategy:

Define Your Purpose

One of the keys to creating a great brand strategy is defining the purpose of your business. Review your company’s mission and vision statement, and take a look at the benefits and features of your products and services. What value do you want to give your customers? How do you want them to feel after buying your products or using your services?

Involve Your Employees

Get your employees involved in the branding design process to know if they see your company the same way as you do. You can send out a clearer message to your target audience if you have the same perspective as your staff. Conduct in-house studies and surveys to know what your employees are thinking and to get ideas that can possibly improve your brand.

Determine the Right Tone of Voice

Tone of voice refers to the way you communicate with people—both internally and externally. Tone of voice must be consistent to every touch point. This means you should send the same message when communicating to your target audience, whatever means of communication you use.

Create an Appropriate Brand Identity

Brand identity refers to the way your company looks. This visual identifier allows your target audience to visually recognise you on the market. Similar with tone of voice, you should apply your brand identity to all channels, including your business cards, website, advertisements, newsletters, and communication with stakeholders.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your business. A comprehensive brand strategy provides your company with the right direction leading to growth and success.