What to Consider When Buying Straw Cowboy Hats

September 22, 2017

A straw cowboy hat protects you from the scorching sun during the summer. This type of hat is very common among farmers and ranchers. They prefer sturdy styles that offer them the comfort they desire […]


Preparing For a Road Trip in Australia

July 15, 2017

Australia is a lovely country adorned with expansive, breathtaking landscapes. The coastal journeys, the outback adventures and the classic road trips allow you to experience the best things the country has to offer. As you […]


EMR Mistakes and How They Affect Health Care

May 22, 2017

One of the biggest changes in US health care is the implementation of the electronic medical record (EMR). With the EMR, patients’ records are now centralized and accessible to doctors, nurses, and other authorized healthcare […]