3 Qualities that Make Men More Attractive

attractive manIn this modern era, women tend to be picky when selecting a partner. Attractive looks, a good build, and at least decent intellect—these are some of the qualities of the ideal guy for most ladies. There are, however, other important characteristics that can get a girl hooked.

Men who project a cute smile can be more attractive to women

The days of snobbish and arrogant guys are over. Men who can project a cute smile are more appealing to most girls. You can enhance your dating skills by starting with this. Heed the advice of CheadleHulmeDental.com, a dental company in Cheshire, about proper dental hygiene that can give you a lot of benefits, including being more attractive.

A guy who smells great is irresistible

A guy who smells clean and manly is usually perceived as a person with good personal hygiene. Before going on a date, make sure to shower and spray on a little cologne. Scientific studies say that the fragrance of flowers soothes stress, and fights inflammation and depression. Try spraying slightly floral scented perfumes before your date. This might get that lovely lady clinging to your arms, and laying her head on your shoulders on your way home.

Every girl gets charmed by funny men

Some girls tend to look for guys who can make them laugh until their ribs hurt. This underlines the need for laughter in every stage of your relationship, whether on your first date or sixth wedding anniversary. As a matter of fact, researchers at the Stanford University School of Medicine revealed that woman have evolved to appreciate humour, and the man who carries it well. Be the funny guy who can make your girl laugh, especially during the dullest moments of your relationship.

After all, it all boils down to your personal techniques in nurturing your relationship. You do not need to exert a lot of effort in buying expensive gifts like luxurious brands of bags or shoes just to keep your woman happy. The right amount of good humour and a pleasing personality can keep the wheel of love turning.

Affordable Ways to Add More Room to Your House
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Affordable Ways to Add More Room to Your House

Renovating a house typically costs a lot of money and time. If you’re thinking about adding more space to your home but worried about the price, take into account these low-cost alternatives.


Renovating the basement is one of the easiest ways to revamp your living space. You have lower costs because you don’t have to add any more structural components. The walls, floor, and roof are all there. You probably just have to add a couple of walls using drywall to suit how you want your basement to look. You can get some home improvement materials and tools easily from places like DirectBuy in Sarasota. To finish the job faster, you can hire one or two contractors or ask a friend to help you out.


A lot of people tend to park their cars outside and use the garage as storage space instead. Why not convert it into a guest room, music room, art studio, or library? It’s a more resourceful use of space, perfectly situated away from the rest of the house but still connected and indoors. It may cost more than renovating the basement, but the basic structure (walls, floor, and roof) is there just the same. Be sure to keep the overhead garage door in case you need to re-convert the room into a garage in the future.

Patio or Garden

Homeowners tend to keep themselves and their loved ones inside the house, neglecting the patio and garden. An outdoor space is a refreshing change from the normal four walls of the indoors. Adding garden or patio furniture to your home lets you get breathtaking views of the outside world, day and night. You get to breathe in fresh air and feel the natural cool breeze, while letting your children and pets have some outdoor fun. Places like Sarasota Direct Buy offer all-weather furniture you can leave outside your home year-round, regardless of the season.


An attic conversion is another great way to add space to your home. You get additional private space for a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that the roof structure uses sturdy beams and rafters rather than a truss system that lacks stability. You don’t want the roof to literally cave in on you.

Renovating a home takes creativity, patience, time, and money. Go to places like Direct Buy of Sarasota to get specially priced goods for your new living space.