Choosing the Right Tiling Products for Your Kitchen Walls and Floors

As a building contractor, you know how many home owners do focus more on ensuring their kitchens are functional than they do with other parts of their houses. That has been having you insist on using high-quality items in the kitchen.

In finishing your client’s kitchen surfaces, you will need to lay more emphasis on the walls and the floor to ensure they are attractive and easy to clean. Most importantly, you will want to use tiling products that are anti-slip and highly durable.

You can look through your supplier’s online shop for tile tools to find the tiles that come with the above features and the respective installation guides. Since durability is a critical quality here, consider the material of the tiles.

Ceramic Tiles

The tiling industry has developed a rating scale against which you can know how resistant the tile is to abrasion. Class 1 tiles are the least resistant while Class 5 marks the most resistant ones. These classes are critical when ordering your tiling products online as you cannot feel their texture from your screen.

Natural Stone Tiles

These do not follow the above rating system since they are naturally occurring. Typically, they are more durable than ceramic tiles, for long-lasting floors. That will, however, depend on whether you will follow the installation instructions that come with the natural stone tiles and tiling products.

The two most common types of tiles fall under ceramics and natural stone. You, however, can use any tile on the kitchen walls but ensure you stick to the colour scheme that your client wants you to maintain in all sections of their house.

Floor tiles, however, should be highly resistant to abrasion, especially those in high-traffic areas. Enquire from your supplier of tiling tools and products to confirm which class of tiles will be most suitable for use in the kitchen area.