Convert Your Garage into a Functional Home Office

Home Office RenovationA home office is the perfect place to start your own business, work from home (telecommute) and master your own time and schedule. From small delivery businesses to freelance writing, home offices are extremely effective alternatives to the usual business setups.

Whether you’re tired of driving or being stuck in traffic, losing hours you’d rather spend with your family, a home office will give you what you need: a lot less stress and more work done.

Here’s how to convert an area of your house to an office. For the purpose of this article, let’s focus on the garage.

Starting the Project

Your garage was not meant to be inhabited by people for more than a few minutes. So now it needs some major adjustments as it is no longer a place to park your car. List down everything it needs for the conversion to begin. Do you need heating and cooling? Does it have windows? Do you have to change the door?


Insulation is a major part of the work, as you can’t be sharing your space with ants and vermin. You have to protect it from rain and snow, and control the indoor temperature. Seal the parts that are likely to cause problems. If you have to, install a ceiling. Buy an air conditioner and a heater that are just the right size and power.

Windows and Doors

If you can’t change the garage door, just see to it that there are no leaks. Have a professional work on it if need be. As for windows, your garage may not have one so you’ll need work done there too. To save on costs, industry professional Joinery For All Seasons suggests buying DIY windows and ask a friend to help you install them.

Office Equipment

A desk and a comfortable chair are a must so you can spend hours in your new office without the risk of back pains. Get a fast Internet connection, a computer, a printer and the other items a usual office has. Get a separate table for entertaining guests if this is part of your setup.

A home office may cost you a bit during the renovation/construction, but it will save you lots more in the long term on fuel and other expenses. It will free you from the stress and let you have more time with your family.