Court Reporters: What They Do and Why They’re Important

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In the legal system, a court proceeding involves several hours of conversation among the judge, the attorneys, and the people involved in a case. Because words are very important in determining whether someone is guilty or innocent, speech made in the court must be written down or recorded.

One such way of recording is by employing court reporters — professionals trained to write or transcribe spoken or recorded speech in the court, the government, or in private. Here are the basics of how court reporters do their tasks.

Exposure to Various Cases and Jargons

Court reporters record speech in different cases, such as medical malpractice or engineering cases. These cases involve fields and professionals who know and use highly technical jargon or words.

Phoenix Deposition Services notes that whether they’re in New York or Phoenix, court reporters have to prepare for such an occasion by studying the technical terms in advance so they’ll recognize them quickly once they encounter one.

Penmanship and Dexterity

Because court reporters may spend lots of time writing, it’s ideal for them to have good penmanship so that their writings would be legible when the lawyers, the judge or jury read them.

They also should be proficient enough to type quickly when they’re using a stenographic or a typing machine to ensure they don’t misspell any words. Some court reporters can type without looking at the keyboard because they’ve have a mental image of the arrangement of characters on the keyboard.


It’s crucial that court reporters maintain accuracy in their work, because typing the wrong word could change the meaning of the speech and influence the decision of the jury. To ensure that they accurately record everything spoken, a court reporter hones his hearing, focus, vocabulary, and spelling skills.

These are three important facets of court reporting, and you can use these to find and work with the right court reporter if ever you need one.

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