SEO and Content: It’s a Good Marriage

SEO written in a notebookSEO and content marketing are two elements in digital marketing with a complex relationship. How does content quality affect the ranking? Will the right keywords make a shareable blog post? Questions such as these lead to a bigger query: can they work together?

You can’t succeed with just one or the other. An effective online marketing means combining SEO with good content.

For, a full-service advertising agency, standing out online means taking a step ahead in the SEO field. To do so, would be to unlock the potential of these SEO and content strategies:

Site Audit: Your Content’s Mirror

Comprehensive site audits reveal your content’s areas for improvement. The audit provides a detailed analysis of your site’s technical aspects, such as URLs and title description uniqueness, proper setup of sitemaps and linking format.

Audits Also Reveal Where Your Content Fails

A review of your content’s assets will reveal performance issues, broken links and culprits that hamper site accessibility. It also identifies opportunities for updating your old content. Valuable and up-to-date pieces offer massive contribution to search ranking, site usability and visitor loyalty. In some cases, however, you need not create new content; sometimes, content repurposing is the best option.

Content Ideas for Keywords

Coming up blank with good content topics? That is where SEO comes in handy.

Search optimisation is impossible without keywords; these long- and short-tail phrases give marketers a better idea on ranking and what consumers want. For this reason, the most effective content strategies should always begin with keyword research.

It starts with your site: what are your goals? Once you determine the site’s goals, consider your target market. Do you know what they want? The process sounds complex, but the Internet offers helpful tools to determine keywords that help you rank. Popular go-to tools include SEMrush, Google’s related searches and social media.

Success in digital marketing does not lie in just SEO or content. A good combination of both elements results in a winning team (like a good marriage) that boosts your website up the ranks.

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