Starting a Career as a Project Management Professional

Project Managers

When a company wants a project done according to plan and within budget, it usually falls on a project manager to oversee the project from beginning to end. The project manager is accountable for the project’s success or failure. The job entails planning, implementation of the plan, and making sure the project is completed within a set timeframe.

Project Management as a Career

Project managers are in demand all around the U.S. Private companies in different industries, along with government agencies, usually hire project managers for different jobs. It can be a lucrative career, especially when the project is substantial.

Importance of Certification

Many project managers start their careers without getting certified. They either continue like this or eventually work on a PMP certification. There are certain benefits to being a certified project management professional or PMP.

  • An average of 20% higher salary compared to non-certified.
  • Ability to speak the language of a PMP, which is a global profession. Certified PMPs can work with other certified PMPs from a different country and still be on the same page.
  • Higher chance of getting high profile or very important projects.
  • The training helps the PMP work faster and more reliably.
  • Employers benefit from hiring certified PMPs as they save more money and time, and have reduced or no issues with their projects.

Getting Certified

There are training and certification firms in many parts of the U.S., including Utah. You can join their training programs to earn your certification. Choose a company that can certify you as a PMP, instead of one that only gives you a certification limited by domain or geography. A firm that gives a comprehensive PMP test prep is ideal, as it increases your chances of success in getting that certification.

If you are looking for a truly global career that is not likely to lose demand anytime soon, look no further than becoming a project management professional. With a PMP certification, you will speak the global language of project management and interact with a healthy network of PMPs around the world.

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