Enduring Emails: Why You Should Still Use Email Marketing

With the increased growth of search engine optimization, social media, and mobile marketing, most people assume that email marketing is dead. However, that is not the reality. Email remains one of the most effective methods in digital marketing.

If you have an online business, marketing agencies such as Vonazon provides email marketing services to help business owners in doing it at full scale. But more than that, here are the main reasons you should consider email marketing.

It’s Cost Effective

One of the main benefits of email marketing is its high return on investment. With email marketing, you will not incur any postage fees, print costs or advertising fees. You only have to create content and then send your mailing list. Research conducted by Direct Marketing Association revealed that email marketing has a return of $40, for every dollar spent, thus outperforming social, display and search marketing.

It Increases Brand Awareness

Whenever you send an email, customers become aware of your brand. With careful planning, smart design, and targeted content, your brand will provide more value to your potential customers. Once that happens, your name will always stay on top of their mind. Therefore, whenever a customer needs a service or product, your business is the first name they think about, which can translate to loyal customers.

Email Marketing is Measurable

Analytics play a significant role in measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign. Most marketing channels only present estimated results. However, email marketing delivers valuable and precise metrics. These metrics include open rates, subscriber retention rates, as well as delivery rates. You can also use these metrics to assess customer behavior and interest and then focus your marketing efforts on areas that generate the most interest.

Today’s digital landscape is constantly changing, and email marketing appears to have been put behind by people and marketers. But this is the best time to include it in your marketing campaigns. Working with a reliable marketing agency will make the process easy and cost-effective.