For Small Businesses: How Images Make or Break Your Brand Image

Good photos are essential for business, but surprisingly, many Salt Lake City entrepreneurs — mostly those who are just starting — settle on badly taken and poorly lit headshots. What’s worse is they publish them on their websites, social media, or business cards. Some selfies are even deemed to be okay, enough to be used as a “portrait.”

It couldn’t be overemphasized that the images you use in your online assets and promotional materials can deeply affect your brand image.

Why You Need Professional Photography

The abundance of cameras and mobile phones made it easier for people to take pictures easily. This benefits many, as it helps people express themselves and relay information in a convenient way. Similarly, businesses need images to establish their identity and convey information to their target audience, but it’s best to leave it to business photographers. It’s understandable that small businesses are holding back a little on costs, but in the long run, this investment will pay off.

For one, this improves your credibility. As a small business, it’s your utmost priority to establish your professionalism, expertise, and thought leadership in the industry. How could anyone — a potential customer or investor or a business partner — trust you if you have a hodgepodge of varied selfies of your staff on your website? Professionally taken photos give your business the air of professionalism. That’s what you need.

Furthermore, good photos give clarity to the services or products you offer. It entices them. This is especially true if you’re in the food or tech business. Images of those mouthwatering desserts or sleek, new mobile phone give consumers the pull to actually try your product. If you’re in need of a business photographer, JayLynn Studios noted that Salt Lake City has many experts that can help you nail a professional corporate headshot and brand collaterals.

Beyond the Corporate Headshots

Business portraits and product shots are just the essentials, though. If you want to harness the power of photography for your business, use images to bring out your brand story.

Brand stories can be found in a lot of sources, from the employee who was able to live their dream career to the customer who found a solution to their problem in your product. It can also be the tale of everyday life in your office. These stories are brimming with personalities, and they are best told in images, in photos worth a thousand words.

If you really want to make a mark on your market even as a small business — more than the headshots and the brand collaterals — invest in bringing out your brand story in your photos.

Good photos are important for your growing business. Trust the experts, such investment will pay off.