Four Ingredients to Include in Your Chicken Feed to Produce Delicious Eggs

Chicken EggsGetting the best eggs on your table could be attributed to one key factor: using the right chicken feed. With the right mix of ingredients, your chook can produce eggs with great taste, colour and quality.

Chicken eggs are a staple in most diets. They are versatile and accessible. Aside from the breed type and how the chickens are raised, using the right blend could determine the outcome of the eggs.

For chooks to produce great tasting eggs with healthy yellow yolks and consistent whites, consider certain factors when purchasing their chow.

Plenty of Protein

Chickens are omnivores, which means they eat both animal and plant base food. Give them the right amount of protein they need for their own bodily needs. There should be enough protein for their egg production. On average, says eggs are composed of six grams of protein; three grams go to the yolk and the remaining on the white part.

Ingredients like worms and bugs are the ideal sources. You can also use fish meat. mentions soya meal as another source of protein, especially for hens.

Mix in the Greens

Aside from protein, eggs are also composed of nutrients, which could be incorporated by including vegetables in the feed. The mix could include lettuce, kale or any kitchen vegetable leftovers.

Easy on the Carbs

To give the eggs its richness, add carb sources like dried corn to the feed. However, carbs tend to make the chicken eat less of the food that matters, like the protein sources and greens, so keep this in moderation.


Even if chickens receive the most appetising feeds, they may not eat as much if it's not served with fresh water. Hens that are about to lay eggs tend to drink plenty of water to help with the process.

Each farmer has their own mix of feed for their chook. To get the best eggs served in your kitchen, be mindful of what you feed your chickens.

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