Guidelines on Selling a Fire-Damaged House

Just because your home has fire damage does not mean it won’t sell. There are several ways to sell your home and avoid losing your invested cash.

For instance, you can work with reputable brokers who will buy your fire-damaged home without requiring you to repair it. Otherwise, you just need to know what to do to prepare the property before deciding to sell it. has some useful tips and reminders for you.


Potential homebuyers would want to see the property in its best shape, so your house would require thorough cleaning. You must inform them that your house has sustained fire damage, but this doesn’t mean you have to include it in the advertisement. Replace all burnt objects and ensure that there are no noticeable fire damage or smoke on the structure.


If your home happens to lie on a valuable piece of land, there are ways to ask for a great price for the entire property. This doesn’t even matter if your home has extensive fire damage. If the damaged home doesn’t appeal to the buyers, they could easily knock it down and build a new one if they want to.


Other than inspecting your home, you would need to get the professional assistance of an engineer. They will be in charge of identifying whether the fire has weakened the structure’s foundation. This can be particularly useful if your home has a concrete foundation, as this can be compromised at a moderately low temperature, unlike steel.

If you cannot afford an engineer to do the survey, you can have the local fire chief evaluate your home instead.

Keep these guidelines in mind to prepare your fire-damaged home for selling. This will help you get the best possible price it deserves even after the incidence.