Handle Staffing Headache at Your Hospital the Right Way

Busy hospital

A very busy hospitalA big challenge facing most health facilities today is recruiting and retaining staff. With the demand for better health care on the rise, hospital owners need to constantly be innovative to attract the best talent. But how can you fill your staff with the right people amidst the competition?

Staffing problems need not hold you back. Consider the following suggestions:

Get assistance from a good staffing agency

For Emergency Staffing Solutions, provider of custom-tailored management solutions, a strong inpatient program is the key to maximizing barriers between admission and ER. With a professional staffing agency, you can find the right people almost immediately. An agency that offers an emergency hospitalist program, for instance, can help you get physicians on a short notice. Some agencies even interview candidates on your behalf, saving you lots of time and money.

Consider locum tenens

Recently, a number of qualified doctors have been opting to work part-time. Whenever one or more of your employees leave, you still owe it to your patients to provide prompt services regardless. Consider bringing in temporary staff to help out when the need arises.

Improve your pay packages

While it takes more than just a high salary to attract the most qualified people, you’ll still need to pay well to land unique talent. Learn more about the rates that your competitors are offering and find ways to match their offer or provide better incentives. Also, do not forget to offer proper benefits that encourage physicians to stay.

Create a referral scheme

When looking to recruit physicians, your current staff can prove immensely helpful in helping you find the perfect people. It’s highly likely that your workers already know qualified friends who could provide just the services you need. With an employee referral program, it is easier to encourage the staff to join the search.

Equip your current workers

A creative way to avoid future staffing issues is by nurturing the current team you have. If you have volunteers or young physicians, provide opportunities for them to grow. In the future when an executive position comes up, you won’t need to look far for the ideal candidate.

Staffing problems can be the source of ongoing frustration at your health facility. By being creative, however, you need not worry about these frequently.

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