Debunking Myths about Clinical Trials

Woman With Conjunctivitis

Woman With ConjunctivitisWith modern technology at hand, clinical trials have become instrumental in developing new treatments for various diseases. If you suffer from conjunctivitis — a treatable eye condition that occurs in both kids and adults — and are willing to participate in a clinical trial, you only need to conduct and sponsor for a conjunctivitis clinical trial. You may, however, have heard a lot of things about clinical trials. Knowing some of the myths and the truth about clinical trials will impact your decision on your participation.

Myth #1: Clinical trials are unsafe. Signing up for one is risking your health.

There are measures in place right from the start to protect the participants of a clinical trial. The researchers will inform you of any risks or side effects they discover along the way. If you participate in phase III clinical study, you get to try out a new treatment method. If the new treatment method is better than the standard therapy, you will be the first to benefit from it.

Myth #2: Your health insurance will not cover clinical trial costs.

The majority of the participants in clinical studies receive reimbursement from their health insurance company though the costs may not be in full. Most of the time the researchers pay for the study and your insurance covers the subsequent care procedures.

Myth #3: You cannot pull out of a clinical trial.

Clinical trials are voluntary, and you can sign out any time. If you withdraw from the study, the medical researchers will monitor you for a particular period to assess the long term side effects of the treatment.

Participating in a clinical trial on conjuntivitis or pink eye is a worthwhile and satisfying experience. You take an active role in managing your condition, and you may be at the forefront of the discovery of a new treatment method. The close monitoring by the physicians guarantees your safety throughout the trial procedure. The researchers stay in contact with the sponsor for the conjunctivitis clinical trial to remain in line with the mission of the trial.

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