Hair Thinning: Are Your Habits to Blame?

Patient getting a hair loss treatment

Patient getting a hair loss treatment

Some of the seemingly harmless habits you do every day can aggravate hair thinning and balding. Scratching your scalp or having dandruff, for instance, can damage the cuticle and make the hair more prone to hair thinning. The same is also true for using a rough towel to dry your hair, which is known to affect the survival chances of new hair strands.

If you want to keep what you still have and avoid hair loss, here are some of the habits you should avoid:

  • Excessive Combing. Brushing or combing your hair too much puts extra pressure on the hair. It is best to use your hands or fingertips when styling and follow the original growth pattern of the hair. It is also a good idea to cut or keep your hair short to make hair thinning less noticeable.
  • Washing hair every day. Using shampoo daily can dry your scalp and result in temporary hair loss. It also breaks down the natural structure of the hair and strips down essential oils that moisturise the scalp. You do not have to wash your hair every day since all you need is to wet and rinse it with clean water.
  • Ignoring hair loss. It is normal to lose a few hair strands, but extensive shedding can be a more serious problem. If you are losing hair more than the usual, you may want to try hair loss treatments. Fue Clinics and other hair transplant clinics in the UK suggest learning more about safe and effective solutions that can stop baldness.
  • Eating a poor diet. There are many ways a poor diet can affect your hair health. Rapid weight loss, for instance, can cause vitamin deficiency and contribute to hair loss. If you are experiencing hair shedding, tweak your diet and eat food rich in protein, zinc, iron, Vitamin B, and other minerals.
  • Covering hair daily. Wearing a hat cannot cause hair loss, but it may aggravate the problem if you are already experiencing hair shedding. This can cause the hair to look thinner and flattened. Be sure to let your scalp breathe and avoid dirty hats, as they can worsen hair loss and contribute to scalp infection.

Do not let hair loss affect your quality of life. Improve your hair care habits and consider regrowth treatment and transplant to reverse hair loss.


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