Home Beautifying Project: Why Choose Glass for Balusters?

Staircase with glass balustradeMore homeowners are becoming attracted to the idea of having a balustrading systems in their homes. Not only for safety purposes, but also for added aesthetic appeal. Although there are many options and styles to choose from, a majority of them stick with glass balusters. The reason? Find out below:

Glass Looks Amazing in Any Room

Be it in the balcony or stairwell, the elegance and sophistication glass gives off is unmatchable to any material. It promises a style that can never found in timbre nor metal. Other than that, it does not affect the architectural value of any surface once installed.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Unlike other balustrading options, glass balusters are extremely easy to clean. It doesn’t require any special solution or chemical to make it last longer. All you need is a trusty sponge or washcloth and a mixture of warm water and liquid soap and you’re good to go. If you have a window cleaner tool, you may use that instead of a washcloth.

Glass Is Extremely Durable

When cared and maintained properly, glass balustrades in your Auckland home can last for good 10 to 20 years. As compared to wood which is highly susceptible to pest infestations or to steel which may be exposed to rust and corrosion, glass is more resistant. Unless, of course, a strong force is exerted on the surface that it may likely break. However, there are now few types of glass today which are considered to be unbreakable.

Glass Creates an Illusion of Space

Another great benefit you may get when you install glass balustrade is it makes your home look and feel bigger. The see-through effect of glass is the ideal solution if you want to generate more space in your area. In other words, it’s an effective technique to enhance the level of comfort in your living space.

Indeed, glass balustrades are undeniably the best pick when it comes to increasing style, value, and security at home. If ever you’re deciding to have one at home, you may always go for this option. Make sure you’ve weighed and looked into your other options, before finalising your decision to avoid any mistake.