How Do British Employers Maintain a Safe Workplace?

Workplace security requires a holistic approach from the management team up to rank-and-file employees, but how does the availability of online technology affect a company’s safe environment?

In the UK, many senior executives believe that younger workers are more prone to breach their employers’ safety policies. Some reasons involve the Internet’s prevalence, particularly social media.

Online Attitudes

Since most people have smartphones, most companies have focused on cybersecurity in the wake of complex online threats. Brand and reputation management is an entirely different story. A survey of 500 senior executives showed that almost half of them are concerned about how young employees’ social media behaviour may negatively affect a company’s image.

While monitoring online attitudes are important, companies should impose an equally strict policy on the safety of the work premises. For instance, IDs with personalised photo badges discourage intruders from trespassing into your office. The survey also collected data from 1,000 employees, which showed that 15% of them said they share login information. Hence, employers need to be stricter with enforcing unique usernames and strong passwords to secure company property, whether physical or online.

Cybersecurity Threats

Most cyber-attacks happen with the help of people from the inside, so modern workplaces can’t be secure without the necessary changes. Insider threats can be intentional or otherwise, with the latter stemming from careless practices.

Companies in the UK seem to have responded well, following a study that showed the smaller percentage of insider threats representing overall IT security incidents. For this year, the number fell to 65% from 73% in 2017.

Companies should remember that the recent implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation compels them to implement better security protocols. Your reputation will be at risk without the right safety culture among employees while facing hefty fines and penalties for non-compliance with the law.