How Safe Are Your Holidays Lights?

Amazing Christmas lightsIn a recent study, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) revealed that holiday lights are responsible for 15 home fires annually. The fires caused injuries, death, and property damage. Improper holiday lights installation can turn a joyful time with friends and family into a nightmare.

To prevent your holiday lights from causing fires during the next holiday season, holiday lighting service providers advise you to watch out for these three common mistakes.

Using Indoor Lights for Outdoor Lighting

You will be wrong to assume all holiday lights are the same. They are either outdoor rated or indoor rated. The difference between these two types of holiday lighting is that outdoor rated lighting can maintain safe electrical connections and withstand the harsh weather conditions in the open air while indoor rated lighting only functions within safe standards if you use it in indoor spaces.

It is easy to cause an electrical fire when you use lights meant for indoor use for outdoor purposes. Besides using the appropriate holiday lights, ensure you use holiday lights that are suitable for your environment.

Improper Storage

Once you are done with the holidays, store your lights appropriately to avoid causing a fire when you use them next. First, never store your lights when they are wet; always ensure they are completely dry before storing. Second, avoid storing your lights in the basement or attic. These two spaces are susceptible to heat, which can affect the electrical connections.

Incorrect Installation

It goes without saying that installing holiday lights increases the risk of fire. People increase their risk when they place light cords in a high traffic area; overload extension cords; staple light strands; and use multiple light strands on a single outlet.

Ignorance shouldn’t be your excuse when it comes to fire safety.  Install your holiday lights and avoid these three lighting mistakes to protect your home and family. Alternatively, you could hire experienced holiday lighting service providers who could choose the right kind of lights and install them in the right areas. You will eliminate any chance of an accidental fire ruining your holidays.