How to Help Elderly Parents Transition to Assisted Living

Old lady being cared for in a nursing home

Moving into assisted living can be overwhelming for you and your parent. Change can be challenging for everyone, as each one copes differently. However, with the right preparation, patience, optimism, understanding, and a strong support system, we can go through these transitions and changes smoothly.

There are a lot of things a family can do to make it easier. Here are some tips that can help you and your elder transition to assisted living here in Salt Lake City.


Your seniors definitely invested in the house that they are leaving. It would be a tough conversation, but it is important that you give them time to process and grieve. The elderly often think that because of this they are losing control. Make sure that you give them as much choice as possible in the moving process.

Set up the room

Help in setting up the room. Make sure that they have their favorite furniture, pillows, clothes, photos, books, and other things. Remember to put yourself in their situation. Ask yourself and know what they would like.

Introduce your elder to the staff

Let them know what your elder’s personal preferences. Introduce the staff to their daily routine. It would be great also if you can inform them about their past routine related to work and to tending the home.

Bring the favorites

Make sure that they have all their favorite snacks and drinks. More if they have very specific preferences like mango candy or dried seaweed. Also, you can provide the staff a list of the elder’s favorite music. If you can bring a CD or a music player with it, better.

Music can help them feel at ease and release anxiety.

Leave your guilt and anxieties. Your elders can easily sense this negativity. If you need help, do not hesitate to do so. This process may take a while; however, each one of these tips can really help your elder adjust to their new environment.

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