How To Make Healthy Parfait

Yogurt parfait is the latest fad food; with its combination of yogurt, fruit, and nuts, it makes for a delicious dessert. But it is not always as healthy an option as it sounds; many stores that sell parfait may add sugar or other ingredients to make it tastier. If you are looking to make healthy and delicious parfait at home, Taste Of Home suggests in “Yogurt Parfait Recipe” some essential steps to follow.

Use A Healthy Yogurt Base

If you want to end up with a healthy dessert, you have to use healthy ingredients. You may wish to look into using low-fat or low-sugar yogurt, or simply ensure that you are using plain or vanilla yogurt. These types of yogurt are less likely to be filled with added sugars and other unhealthy ingredients than fruit-flavored or dessert-flavored yogurts.

Add Quality Ingredients

The other ingredients you add should also be healthy. Fruit is a common addition, but for the best nutritional quality be sure that you are adding fresh fruit rather than canned fruit. This makes it more difficult to prepare parfait in advance, as the fresh fruit will not keep well, but you will be avoiding the additional sugar content in canned fruit. Granola is another common ingredient, but read the nutritional content before you add it. Many flavored granolas have a high sugar and fat content; stick with using unflavored or mildly flavored granola. When these ingredients are combined, you will be able to enjoy a healthy and flavorful dessert.