How to Plan a Marriage Proposal if Your’re Living with Your Girlfriend

Many couples decide to live in together to see if they are the right fit for each other. Ideally, it is a precursor to marriage, but sometimes, marriage is no longer offered on the table because of convenience and practicality.

However, you also need to know that when a woman talks about wanting to get married, it is rare that she changes her mind. As such, popping the question is going to be a big deal. The challenge here is how you would pull off a surprise marriage proposal if you live under one roof.

Leave no trace

If you are doing the preparations from your home, do clear your tracks and leave no receipts. If you haven’t bought an engagement ring, you might want to seek help from her girl best friend or family. If you’re planning to buy a diamond ring in Utah, take them to a jewelry shop and show them the ring that you’ve been eyeing on for approval.

Ask her friend or mom to keep the ring for you. Clear your phone messages and emails as well, just to be sure.

Find effective distractions

Your girl would instantly get a feel if something is up, so don’t underestimate a woman’s intuition. If you can’t act cool, give her plenty of distractions. You know her well, so you have an idea what would keep her distracted the most.

For instance, if she loves traveling more than anything, ask her to plan a weekend trip, so she’ll be too preoccupied preparing your itinerary. Try to get her out of the house as often as possible by asking help from her friends.

Plan meticulously

In her article for the Times, Samantha Grossman cites that 67% of women reject a proposal because of an unromantic setting and 51% do so because of bad wording. This shows that the way you propose is as important or even more important than how your girlfriend feels about trust or having a future with you.

That said, you need to make it memorable, unique, and something that matches her personality. Because you are together most of the time, this means you will need a longer time to prepare if you don’t want to be rejected.

Living together with your girlfriend may mean fewer surprises and less romantic moments. But since you are planning a marriage proposal, you need to give your best to pull off something that she will never say no to.