Inbound Marketing: How to Build a Stronger Online Presence

There are approximately 2.5 quintillion bytes of data created every day, and this is typically pushed out via various websites. By June 2017, the number of websites worldwide has risen to 1.7 billion. How can brands rise above this dense crowd and get noticed by users?

Many brands are turning to inbound marketing, as this helps them give their consumers exactly what they are looking for. What makes inbound marketing so powerful? A HubSpot agency in Massachusetts discusses three of its pillars.

Lead generation

There is a huge difference between driving traffic to a website and turning such traffic into leads and finally converting them to customers. Many companies fall short at this point, but with a good inbound marketing strategy combining compelling content, strong calls to action, analytics, and data tracking, online efforts will yield better results.

Email marketing

Despite conjectures over the years about the efficacy of emails, there is nothing to show that it has reduced in value. Email marketing is responsible for purchases made by 66% of online customers, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Considering its high return on investment, it remains one of the most effective tools in the inbound marketing arsenal.

Search engine optimization

No matter how well written a piece of content may be, without being optimized for the web, it may just fall flat. SEO is all about building content that has value for the consumer while developing structures and embedding words, phrases and concepts that the target audience and search engines typically look out for.

Inbound marketing strategies are cost-effective and are guaranteed to generate high returns in the long run. With an effective plan, you will eventually see your users doing business with you.