Life at Home: What Risks Do Aging Seniors Face?

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A home is supposed to be safe, secure, and comfortable. After all, this is where you’ll spend most of your time. But when it comes to elderly parents, your home needs to be safer, more secure, and more comfortable. Your aging parents need a space that will address their mobility issues and particular ailments.

Keep in mind that the risks of slips, trips, and falls are much greater in the elderly population.

Compromised Physical and Mental Faculties

Compromised bodily and mental abilities heighten the risks of slips, trips, and/or falls for aging individuals. Seniors also have a higher likelihood of experiencing other types of injury-causing accidents. Seemingly minor accidents can have a major impact on your elderly loved one’s quality of life.

Injuries can limit mobility, which could mean your aging mom or dad could be bedridden for days. The limitation will mean they would have to give up some of their independence and rely on others to go to the bathroom and to eat. They would also need someone else to do their chores, from cleaning the house to doing the laundry. If your aging parent lives alone, security should also be a concern.

What You Can Do

There are three ways to address this issue: get in-home care, find a suitable senior care facility, or convert your home to meet home care for aging parents.

Senior home care services can provide daily companionship and assistance with activities. A senior care facility can send an experienced staff to help your aging parents for the entire day. This is a good option because it provides sufficient assistance while still supporting your parents’ need for independence.

Senior care in a facility, on the other hand, is ideal for seniors who require round-the-clock monitoring. Your aging parents will have access to medical care when they need it.

Finally, caring for your aging parents at home will mean converting your house to address their needs. This means, among others, installing grab bars in bathrooms, modifying the kitchen, and widening doorways and corridors for better access.

Safety. Security. Comfort. Your parents will need all three even more as they deal with the changes brought on by age.

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