Lifestyle Adjustments to Increase Your Savings

Save MoneyEveryone could use a bit more money in their savings account. In fact, there is no point to being wasteful. It doesn’t help you; it burdens you, and it burdens the environment, as well. Here are some simple tips to make sure you have more money left for your savings every payday.

Mind how you use water

Water is the most important liquid in the world, but there’s still a lot of it so it’s cheap. The problem is, there will come a day when clean water will become rare and expensive. Just watch Waterworld and The Book of Eli. Do your part in saving water. Fix any leaks in your plumbing. In fact, call a plumbing contractor in Denver like Done Plumbing & Heating and have them repair or replace leaky pipes. Instead of setting your sprinklers to automatic, water the garden yourself. Don’t buy or use a dishwasher. Buy rubber work gloves and dishwashing soap and do it manually.

Mind how you use electricity

A dishwasher isn’t just a water-waster; it’s also an energy hog, so wash your dishes manually. Instead of using a clothes dryer, buy a clothesline and air dry your clothes and sheets when the weather permits. Replace all your old light bulbs with LED; LEDs cost more to buy, but they are brighter, last longer, and use only a fraction of the power your old bulbs use. Get rid of old appliances that do not comply with modern energy use standards. Check if your refrigerator doors still seal in the cold air. Have a professional check your home insulation. Poor insulation is one of the most common reasons households spend more on energy.

Sell your car

If you don’t really use your car anyway, just sell it and replace it with a bicycle. If you still need a vehicle, but what you own now is a gas-guzzling SUV or a pony car, sell it and buy a smaller and more fuel-efficient model, like a Mini, a Honda Fit, or a Chevrolet Spark. All of these cars are big enough for a family of four, but they cost a lot less to own. You even save on parking space.

You can also just sell your car and put the money in your savings. Take the bus or train to work, ride your bike, or carpool with friends. It’s so much cheaper and you don’t contribute to the traffic situation.

Don’t buy new clothes

How many sets of clothes do you have? Do you even wear all of them? Get rid of the ones you don’t wear anymore by selling them online or in a garage sale, or donate them. Stick to enough work clothes for one to two weeks, some clothes for home and for going out, some for working out or playing sports, and that’s it.

There are so many ways to save more money if you are only willing to look at how you spend it. Follow this advice and watch your savings grow.