4 Pro Tips for Successful T-Shirt Printing

man doing shirt printingFor graphic designers and illustrators, selling your own art prints is an economically rewarding and self-promotional approach. By creating a strong, meaningful style in your printed artworks, you build a solid personal brand while making money.

Whilst the basic aspects of good T-shirt design still apply – typography, design, colours, and type of garments – there are still characteristics that can make transitioning from the soft copy to T-shirt prints a challenge.

Read on to know more about them.

Not enough space

You have space limitations when you’re designing shirts. This means you need to get your key message conveyed on a single spread, leading to greater marketing that is neither limited nor subtle. Don’t assume that the same design will work on all T-shirts as it does on your computer’s screen. Before printing a bulk of T-shirts, try a few samples to make sure your design says it all for better customer appreciation.

Know your market

You’re designing a shirt that you want people to wear. Know the people you want to attract with your designs – their personality, their choices, the brands they like – and go from there.

Collaboration is important

You can’t specialise in everything, so you need help to make the most out of your shirt prints. You might be good at designing and creating compelling typography, but you can’t catch customer attention if your screen prints are terrible. Focus on your designing and look for companies offering wholesale orders and screen prints for t-shirts. This is a worthwhile investment, and you have the chance to broaden your network.

Be ahead of the game

Always be inspired by the latest trends, but you don’t have to necessarily copy them. Learn more about these trends and see what each can contribute to your design quality. From street art to pop culture, the options are endless and it’s up to you to choose a category that will serve as your inspiration.

Screen-printing offers a good way of promoting your brand and making money. Still, it’s not always about creating designs, screen printing them, and calling it a day. With great focus on quality and your target market, you’re definitely on your way to running a successful clothing business.


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