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Can You Trust Your Door?

Burglaries are the biggest concern of any homeowner, regardless of their status. Thieves do not discriminate between the rich and the poor. More often than not, it is the working class that endures the worst of most attacks, as they are the perfect targets.

The Direct Approach

doorWhat can a family do to protect themselves? Burglar alarms are a good start, but they can be pricey, and there are ways to fool them. Homeowners should start with the basics of home protection. Pay more attention to the home’s entry points.

Burglars need to be in and out of the house fast or risk detection and capture by the police. Most of the time, they will try to pick the locks. If that does not work, they will just break down the door.

Technology is making lock picking increasingly difficult, so more criminals are choosing the direct approach. Breaking down a door does not require much power. A running kick to the lock can cause enough force to snap the bolt of a normal door. The job gets easier when the door is lighter.

Direct Protection

Homeowners can stop this by making sure their doors are up to the task of withstanding heavy kicks. Renowned UK company joineryforallseasons.co.uk notes that a hardwood door made of solid timber could put up more of a fight against intruders. The effective way of knowing if a door is up to scratch is by knocking.

Cheap doors are mostly veneer sheets over a cardboard core. If a door gives off a hollow sound upon knocking, that means it is weak, and will succumb to break-ins. A simple solution will go a long way in ensuring the house’s security.

The Role of Physics

Another way to prevent home invasion is through physics. Things will always yield towards the path of least resistance. So, instead of installing doors that open inward, install them to open outward. It is nearly impossible to open a door the opposite way when it is unlocked; forcing it open is ten times harder.

Taking away a burglar’s plan leaves them no choice but to abandon the house, leaving all the valuables intact. Homeowners can keep the family safe, without having to spend more than what’s necessary.

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