Surf and Turf Sentosa: The Best Places for Seafood and Steak

Sliced medium rare grilled steakThe glamorous Sentosa island is not only popular for its beautiful beaches and exciting attractions. It’s also known for spoiling its visitors with a broad range of fine-dining restaurants.

Both visitors and locals agree: Sentosa cuisine tops the list of many exceptional things in the island. There is a dish for every palate, and whether you want a hearty serving of juicy, meaty steak or a filling meal of shrimps and shells, there is a restaurant in the area that can satiate your craving for some surf and turf.

Here are some restaurants in Sentosa that offer mouthwatering meat and seafood dishes:


Whatever time of day you come in, you’re bound for an unforgettable experience at FOC. In the morning, FOC is a bright and breezy restaurant teeming with excited beach goers, but in the evening, it’s a tranquil spot for intimate dinners. Some of their most popular dishes include Clams in Marinara Sauce, Steamed Mussels with Bouillabaisse and the Baby Lamb Rack.

KT's Grill™

KT's Grill™ is an authentic New York Grill that first opened in the 1950s. They serve steaks, seafood, and pasta, and they have something in their menu for every member of the family. The restaurant’s interior features classy decor and an overall serene ambiance that is perfect when taking a break from all the excitement at Universal Studios. Their signature Fish and Chips plus their Rotisserie Chicken and Bangers and Mash are a must-try in this restaurant.

Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

If you’re after a quaint dining experience, head on to Osia Steak and Seafood Grill. This Michelin-star restaurant sits right in the middle of Sentosa and boasts a menu prepared by Australian celebrity chef Scott Webster. It features dishes that combine Western culinary techniques and Asian influences, served in hearty portions. Some of the most notable dishes include the Yellowtail Kingfish, Mud Crab Cakes, and Black Angus Beef Tenderloin.

Sentosa offers unlimited options when it comes to dining and drinks. Go ahead and enjoy your day to the fullest – world-class restaurants dot the place, where you can relax, recharge and treat your tummy.

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