Low-Cost Solutions to Accessibility Problems in Your Home

Entrance for a handicapThere would come a time when your parents may grow old and cannot access the house freely because of health and mobility reasons. You may also have a family member who has a disability that hinders him or her to access the different parts of the house, especially if you have a second floor.

Designing all the needed wheelchair accommodations in the house is a process, but you can save time and money by creating some simple adjustments. The most important thing is to contemplate on how you can provide a safe environment to them and promote independent living at the same time.


For individuals using a wheelchair, moving up and down the stairs can be an extremely difficult and scary experience. Moreover, it may lead to accidents and injuries. Availing a stair lift machine in Denver can simplify the task and can provide full accessibility to the entire house.

Bathroom and Toilet

The bathroom should be wide enough to accommodate someone in a wheelchair. This is important to prevent falls and slipping. Moreover, you can purchase a bathtub designed for disabled individuals for their comfort and ease.

Doors and Main Entrances

The use of automatic doors and entry systems can make it easier for disabled individuals to enter and leave the house without problems. Moreover, the entrance into the house should not have an extra step to prevent slipping

Grab Rails and Hand Rails

In every part of the house, it is important to have grab rails for them to hold onto when they stand up from the wheelchair. These will promote independence and feeling of self-worth.

If you are living with someone with mobility issues, making the house more accessible for them is a huge step toward the promotion of independence. Moreover, It will greatly help them feel more in control about their condition.