New Anti-Social Media App Helps You Avoid “Friends
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New Anti-Social Media App Helps You Avoid “Friends

A new social media experiment app called Hell Is Other People uses Foursquare check-ins to help people avoid social media “friends.”

The app gets information from Foursquare and then calculates “optimally distanced locations” to avoid bumping into anyone they know. As an alternative to staying at home, people with “frenemies,” social anxiety, or annoying friends can now go through a city using safe zones, eliminating the fear of bumping into people they don’t want to bump into.

By the Socially Awkward, for the Socially Awkward


Scott Garner, a Master’s candidate at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program, created the app out of his dislike for social media. He took the name from Jean-Paul Sarte’s “No Exit,” and created the app as a final for a course at ITP.

Garner describes the app as “partially a satire, partially a commentary on my disdain for ‘social media,’ and partially an exploration of my own difficulties with social anxiety.”

Like Foursquare, But the Opposite

Foursquare, interestingly created by another ITP graduate, helps people discover new places through recommendations from friends. Hell Is Other People does the complete opposite, helping them stay away from places populated with people they know and want to avoid.

“You end up in places that have no meaning, but are far from your friends,” Garner said in an interview.

Justin Rose Emerges Winner Of The U.S. Open
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Justin Rose Emerges Winner Of The U.S. Open

Open GolfJustin Rose won the U.S. open in a close call with Phil Mickelson. On Sunday evening, Rose had a one shot lead going into the 18th Fairway. He just needed two putts and a pure swing to get him the famous Ben Hogan plaque. With an even par 70 he grabbed the title to become the first Englishman in 43 years to win the national championship of America. With this win he now moves to no.3 ranking in the world.

U.S. open never lucky for Phil Mickelson.

For Phil Mickelson, this was the sixth runner-up finish. But this finish was the closest for him as he led all the way up to the final round. U.S. open is one tournament where he has never been really successful. He himself admitted he had a different view of the tournament now and it was full of heartbreaks. For some time now many have won the U.S. open at Mickelson’s mistakes.

Why Invest in Agriculture?
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Why Invest in Agriculture?

When people are asked, “What’s more important: gold or farmland?” most will probably answer gold because it’s equivalent to a big amount of money. Some people, however, think otherwise. They believe that investing on farmlands or agricultural stocks can be a good asset in any kind of financial crisis.

For example, George Rohr of NCH Capital along with Moris Tabacinic, started investing in Russia and Eastern Europe after the collapse of the Soviet Union. They were among the earliest Western contributors in the privatization prospects offered by their respective markets.

Why George Rohr considered investing in agriculture?

Grain Inventory

The prices of grains and the farmland that produces it continue to rise. The stocks-to-use ratio the amount people have on hand and how much they are using, are having low numbers recently. These include crops, such as corn, wheat, and soybeans.

The agricultural sector has a big opportunity if you consider its demand in the future. Marc Faber stated in his Gloom Boom & Doom report, “Investing in agriculture today will be like investing in the oil sector in 2001-2002.”

Grain Consumption

The global food supply is rising, which could be an opportunity to invest. The world consumes about 2,600 bushels of grain crop per second and it could double to 5,200 in a few years. This is because many people in populated countries, such as China and India, are joining the middle class. They prefer eating more grains than meat.

Biofuel Demand

Nowadays, fuel alternatives are common because of the high prices of gasoline. This is why many people invest in farmlands for biofuel production. For instance, U.S. farmers planted every acre they have with corn in 2008, producing one of the largest crops in cultivation history.

Investing in the agricultural sector can give you an advantage in the industry. It also helps developing countries have jobs that sustain their income, food, and shelter. Check out George Rohr’s and other investor websites for more information.

Mom Support Groups: Making Things Easy for You
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Mom Support Groups: Making Things Easy for You

Being a new or a working mom is difficult in New York City (NYC). You need to devote time to your family, even if you’re busy trying to earn a living.

There’s also the issue of stress. It may catch up with you if you don’t not know how to deal with things both at work and at home. Whether you’re a new or a working mom, joining a support group can be a good idea.

Mom support groups in NYC can offer you several benefits, such as:

New Relationships

The main benefit of joining support groups is new friendships. If you left your work to become a full-time mom, joining support groups gives you the chance to meet others who did the same. This will let you share experiences with one another.

If you recently moved to a new location, joining support groups can also allow you to meet the other moms in the neighborhood. Even better, this will also let your kids meet other children in the area.

Stress Management

Stress may not be new to you if you’re a working mom. But balancing work and being a mom is tough.

NYC moms who are busy with work often find it difficult to communicate with their children. This results in distant mother and child relationships.

Joining support groups can help you handle issues both at home and at work. You can even meet other moms with the same issues who can help you deal with your problems.

The support group can function as your emotional support, helping you get through the difficulty of being a working mom.

Skill Improvement

Joining a support group can help you gain new skills or improve existing ones. Some support groups provide activities like needlework, scrapbooking, and cooking. Others offer training for bookkeeping and secretarial skills, which can be useful to your career.

Joining a mom support group is full of rewards. Go to this website to learn how these groups can help you and your child.

Reasons to Consult a Fraud Lawyer
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Reasons to Consult a Fraud Lawyer

Have you been accused of a serious crime like fraud? You can commit fraud through different ways including house flipping, occupancy fraud, income fraud, identity theft and many more. Whatever the reason may be, anyone convicted with the crime faces both civil and criminal penalties. If you you’re innocent and did no wrong, you need to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Consulting fraud lawyers is the first step to resolving your problem. Of course, the goal is to get a reliable lawyer to defend your case. You can hire a dependable lawyer by going online and choosing among the different legal firms that specialise in fraud cases.

Importance of Fraud Lawyers

Fraud solicitors are lawyers who have proper knowledge and understanding of fraud cases. Experts in this field will give you intensive advice on the law relevant to your case. Lawyers for fraud cases play an important role in the success of your case. Not only are they superior professionals with the appropriate background, they can also help you prevent dealing with harsh consequences if proven guilty.

Qualification of a Good Fraud Lawyer

If you want to be sure about your legal rights, you need to employ a reliable fraud lawyer. The law is constantly evolving, and the lawyer you work with should be engaged in continuous study to enhance skills and knowledge. Checking their professional history helps you identify how many successful cases they have defended.

Things They Can Do For You

Your chosen attorney will give you a comprehensive outline of the plan to help you get through the problem. A reliable lawyer will also find ways to resolve your case even outside the court. If in case plan A doesn’t work, an experienced lawyer should have an alternative ready for you.

When consulting a VAT fraud lawyer, be mindful of the factors that you need to know to avoid troubles in the future. If you would like to get legal advice on fraud, browse the internet for a wide range of resources regarding fraud lawyers.

Affordable Ways to Add More Room to Your House
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Affordable Ways to Add More Room to Your House

Renovating a house typically costs a lot of money and time. If you’re thinking about adding more space to your home but worried about the price, take into account these low-cost alternatives.


Renovating the basement is one of the easiest ways to revamp your living space. You have lower costs because you don’t have to add any more structural components. The walls, floor, and roof are all there. You probably just have to add a couple of walls using drywall to suit how you want your basement to look. You can get some home improvement materials and tools easily from places like DirectBuy in Sarasota. To finish the job faster, you can hire one or two contractors or ask a friend to help you out.


A lot of people tend to park their cars outside and use the garage as storage space instead. Why not convert it into a guest room, music room, art studio, or library? It’s a more resourceful use of space, perfectly situated away from the rest of the house but still connected and indoors. It may cost more than renovating the basement, but the basic structure (walls, floor, and roof) is there just the same. Be sure to keep the overhead garage door in case you need to re-convert the room into a garage in the future.

Patio or Garden

Homeowners tend to keep themselves and their loved ones inside the house, neglecting the patio and garden. An outdoor space is a refreshing change from the normal four walls of the indoors. Adding garden or patio furniture to your home lets you get breathtaking views of the outside world, day and night. You get to breathe in fresh air and feel the natural cool breeze, while letting your children and pets have some outdoor fun. Places like Sarasota Direct Buy offer all-weather furniture you can leave outside your home year-round, regardless of the season.


An attic conversion is another great way to add space to your home. You get additional private space for a fraction of the cost. Just make sure that the roof structure uses sturdy beams and rafters rather than a truss system that lacks stability. You don’t want the roof to literally cave in on you.

Renovating a home takes creativity, patience, time, and money. Go to places like Direct Buy of Sarasota to get specially priced goods for your new living space.

Home Safety and Security: What You Need to Know
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Home Safety and Security: What You Need to Know

The safety and security of your home should always be your top priority. This is why you have to make sure that everything you use at home should be of good quality. It’s normal to overlook the value of something as trivial as a mini worm gear clamp simply because it looks small, unassuming, and even insignificant.

More often than not, this inattention to small details can sometimes lead to unfavorable situation. You’ve probably seen it on TV or heard it from a radio, how accidents and injuries could have been prevented if those involved took the time to check even something as little as a worm clamp.

That should be a reason not to take things by face value. Just because something looks small doesn’t mean it’s not important. Don’t wait for bad things to happen before doing the right thing. Read the following tips so you can prevent unforeseen accidents and injuries inside your household.

Be Cautious

Your home is the last place you’d want to be cautious. It’s supposed to be your safe haven. The thing is, accidents do happen and mostly in your home, where you expect to be nothing but safe. Take the time to inspect areas that could trigger any form of accident. This means putting more attention to high traffic areas like the kitchen, the bathroom, and even your living room. If you have no idea how to go through with the inspection, hire a professional home builder to help you with it.

Pay Attention to Details

Whenever you see, smell or feel that something is not right in your household; chances are it’s your gut instinct talking to you. Pay attention to small cracks, leaks, or just about anything out of the ordinary. Your presence of mind could mean the difference between the lives of your family members and your home by extension.

Quality Over Price All the Time

Sometimes, your decision to save on things that matter can put you and your household in jeopardy. When it comes to household items with potential risks like gas tanks, exhaust pipes and ventilation, it pays to choose quality over price. Thankfully, companies like Alliance Express put a premium on price without sacrificing quality so you can rest assured that items as trivial as a clamp won’t be putting you and your family in danger.

You are responsible for the safety and security of your household. Don’t make the mistake of leaving things to chance. Who knows, the life you save could be your own.

Keeping Your Caravan and Motorhome in Great Condition Over Winter
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Keeping Your Caravan and Motorhome in Great Condition Over Winter

With summer and autumn almost over, it’s time to start thinking about protecting your caravan and motorhome from the winter months ahead. Winter is a challenging season and it is important that you protect your vehicle from the harsh weather conditions. These can have damaging effects to your batteries, water systems, vents, and exterior if left unattended.


Check your roof vents. Roofs degrade over time and water could get into the ceiling. If they are about five years old, they’re probably due for replacement. Having it checked ensures that your roof vent is fully intact and does not have unwanted stains, leaks, or smell.

Water Filter

Remove your water filters and clean them up. If your vehicle will be sitting around for a long time, removing the water filter will eliminate the growth of slime and any foul smell. This will make your motorhome a more hygienic vehicle.


Clean out your refrigerator and defrost its freezer. Wipe it all down and leave the doors open. Doing so can prevent moulds from building up inside the fridge. You can also place baking soda in the compartments if you want to get rid of any foul odours.


If you won’t be using your vehicle for some time, close all your windows, doors, and skylights and keep them secured and locked. Remove all beddings, towels, and other pieces of clothing to prevent the growth of mildew.

This is just a partial list. Depending on the type of caravan and motorhome you own, you can add more to these tips and adjust it to accommodate your needs. Remember, it is important that you protect your vehicle for the winter and have it ready to get back on the road for the next season. Search online to know more ways on how to maintain your caravan and motorhome.

Immigration Reform Bill Important For The Democrats
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Immigration Reform Bill Important For The Democrats

obamaU.S. head of state Barack Obama has urged the Congress to get through Immigration reform legislation by summer’s end. He put the onus on the legislators by saying that if they were serious about the issue, this legislation was the way to go about. The increasingly influential Hispanic vote in the electorate has encouraged many legislators to take up this reform. The legislation would provide for a 13 year path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. There are nearly 11 million such people in the United States, currently.

Republican response to the immigration reform bill:

Several Republican senators have urged for several amendments including stricter border control measures. One ardent supporter of such amendments is Republican Senator John Cornyn of Texas. Many Republicans are also worried over many Hispanics coming over to the country as in the last election many of them supported Mr. Barack Obama. The Republicans also want the deportation of children of illegal migrants.

Hyundai 2013 Sonata Hybrid: Singing a Different Tune
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Hyundai 2013 Sonata Hybrid: Singing a Different Tune

Hyundai sedans have always been a symbol of quality, efficiency, and affordability. In New York, the automotive company has been a great addition to its culture. Time and again, the automaker ushers in innovative vehicles that push the envelope of automotive standards. This time around, they are reintroducing a beloved sedan that is now singing a different tune, the 2013 Sonata Hybrid.

The new Sonata Hybrid is like the other Sonata models, but with improved specifications. The previous Hybrids have proven to be a challenge of sorts to other automakers; a call to up the ante.

In Queens, Long Island alone, the new Hyundai car is making a loud buzz because of its innovative and efficient features.

More Power with Less Fuel

The 2013 Sonata Hybrid brings a lot to the table with its enhanced 2.4-liter 4-cylinder engine choices. It uses a lithium polymer battery which allows you to run at highway speeds on battery alone. In a field where efficiency is the name of the game, this new gas-electric model makes you save on gas in the long run; it has a fuel economy of 24 miles per gallon on city driving and 35 on the highway.

If you want more speed, the new Sonata offers a turbocharger that peaks up to 247 horsepower. Now that’s incredible speed for a hybrid.

Luxurious Ride

In Long Island the Hyundai Sonata Hybrid appeals mostly to modern families. This mid-sized sedan offers a comfortable ride with spacious interiors and adequate cargo space. It also has a large LCD that lets you tweak some of the interior functions like climate control.

The exteriors, on the other hand, are more than just an eye-candy. The streamlined hood provides better mileage and fuel-economy; it is made to resist air drag. Its headlights and grille are also a sight to behold for anyone.

Exceptional Handling

Many critics note the vast improvement of the 2013 Hybrid from its predecessors when it comes to handling and driving. The brakes, most especially, are top-notch.

The new Sonata Hybrid is a high-performance hybrid that delivers more than it promises. It outclasses other existing models in the market, pound for pound. Visit Hyundai dealers in Queens, New York now to learn more about the new Hyundai vehicle.

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