‘Enders Game’ Author’s Anti-Gay Views Spark Protest

Author Orson Scott Card’s controversial views on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights has sparked an online protest ahead of the release of the big-budgeted film “Ender’s Game.”

Gay rights supporters move

enders gameReleased by Geeks OUT, “Skip Ender’s Game” asks gay rights supporters to “keep your money out of Orson Scott Card’s pockets” by deciding not to watch the “Enders Game” movie in theaters when the film is released in cinemas on November.

The group is creating a series of “Skip Ender’s Game” events in New York, Orlando, Seattle, and other U.S. cities to coincide with the movie’s launch.

Geeks OUT officials stated, “by pledging to skip Ender’s Game, we can send a clear and serious message to Card and those that do business with his brand of anti-gay activism, whatever he’s selling, we’re not buying,” adding that the” queer geek community will not subsidize his fear-mongering and religious bullying. We will not pay him to demean, insult, and oppress us.”

Card’s conservative views on gays

It is not the first time that the author’s conservative view on the gay community has resulted in debate.

Card explained in a statement cited by USA Today that the media surrounding this story reached the point where it took away from the actual work, and that’s something he wasn’t comfortable with.

Note to Foreigners: An Englishman’s Home is His Castle

While popular fiction dictates that the English are annoyed by the presence of stereotypically rude Americans, you will find that they are actually well-predisposed to guests, and as with any other race, are easily won over with a robust sense of humor.

Putting Things in Context

Ask for the loo, as asking for a restroom will get you a bedroom. Homes to let in Liverpool are houses to rent in Liverpool. Pants are underwear, and fags are cigarettes. Scones are biscuits and biscuits are cookies. British English is actually fun, and making these mistakes sometimes endears you to a locals, acting as ice breakers.

Food, Glorious Food

The history and culture of a nation can often be traced from the way they prepare their food. The English signature dish in English homes would be roast beef, and Yorkshire pudding, which is not an actual pudding, but a baked dumpling. Meanwhile, fish and chips are ready snacks ever present on the streets.

The fish are dipped in batter and the chips are fat slices of potato, both of which are deep fried. Just like in any other country in the world, you will find a plethora of cuisines in the many restaurants strewn around the area, among them Chinese eateries and curry houses.

Making Friends: Strike When the Iron is Hot

The English are really shy and reserved, perhaps from their long history as ladies and gentlemen that populated the royal courts. But it is also true that they do warm up after some time, especially with kindness and a ready display of humor. Ease your way into a crowd during drinks and dancing “down the pub.” Just keep in mind the English beer is notoriously stronger than its American counterparts.

London as the capital doesn’t really embody the whole country. As you get more comfortable in your exploration, you’ll find changes in accent, with the people being louder and the weather getting wetter. There also are some cosmopolitan alternatives, to be pointed out by the best estate agents, such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham and Leeds, Bristol, and Liverpool.

Samsung Q2 Profit Outlook Misses Estimates

samsung adsSamsung Electronics Co Ltd, estimated weaker-than-expected profits for the second quarter.

Profit lower than expected

South Korean electronics and tech giant Samsung reported a 47% increase in April-June operating income to a record 9.5 trillion won ($8.3 billion), reviving concerns over growth in its smartphones sales. Most analysts expected Samsung to generate more profit, something closer to 10.1 trillion won.

The South Korean company expects to report higher profit in the present and fourth quarters as sales of its Galaxy S4 continue to hit the stores.

The success of the company’s smartphones has been the key to Samsung’s increase in sales.

Sluggish growth

There have been concerns that its growth may be slowing regardless of their strategy on launching new models. Limitations are widely seen easing as the fast growth of smartphones market wanes and consumers like those in China prefer getting cheaper gadgets with slightly fewer features.

Shares of Samsung, worth $185 billion, decreased by 15 percent since early June, after a series of brokerages downgraded their outlook for the tech firm.The share cost reflects concerns about Samsung’s devices, with its mobile market producing 70 percent of the company’s total profit.

Creating a strategy for weakening sales in mobiles, Samsung’s component business is expected to present a solid recovery.

You Deserve a Second Chance: Get your Finances Back on Track

Getting your finances straightened out in these economic times is challenging. Like everybody else, however, you deserve a second chance. Here are some things you can do to get back on track and improve your credit score.

Don’t Miss Payment Schedules

When you have a poor credit rating, you can’t afford to be late in paying your bills. Even if you’re just a day late, it will reflect on your credit history and will further pull your ratings down. Prioritize your current financial responsibilities. Past credit problems loss its effect on your score as time passes by and as you make up for it with on-time payments habits.

Make Sure Your Credit Report is Correct

Small mistakes on your credit report matters, especially if you already have a low score. Verify that late payments listed on the report are correct. You should also make sure the total amount of debt indicated in the report is accurate. If not, contact the reporting agency and credit bureau.

Look for Better Loan Options

If you need to apply for a loan, such as a car loan, look for better terms. This doesn’t necessarily mean a longer time to pay off the loan but an arrangement that can help pull your ratings up. Instead of buying a brand new car, why not choose a pre-owned vehicle and benefit from easy payment options offered by dealerships like Chevy dealers in Indianapolis.

A Buy Here, Pay Here program for used cars in Indianapolis is a great opportunity to improve your credit score. Most Chevy dealerships in Indianapolis report their clients’ payment standing to the credit bureau. This way, the bureau will see that you’ve been committed to paying your loan on time.

Be a Responsible Credit Car User

Don’t move your debts around. Closing accounts but having the same amount of debt could have a negative impact in your score. The best way to deal with credit card debts is to pay them off. No matter how slowly you do it, the important thing is you are decreasing the amount you owe.

There are no fast fixes to a poor credit score. What you do today can help you move forward, however, and forget your embarrassing financial past.

Setting the Benchmark for Luxury Vehicles

Modern times call for modern features. In the world of luxury vehicles, very few can rival the quality that automaker Lincoln gives its consumers. With the 2013 Lincoln MKZ, Ford’s luxury segment makes a strong case for being one of the top luxury vehicle providers in the industry today. A quick look at its features tells the whole story.

At First Glance

The new Lincoln MKZ from Huntington is perhaps one of the most distinctive-looking cars in its class. At first glance, auto enthusiasts will most likely notice the styling of MKZ. The split grille is a nod to the late-1930s Lincoln Zephyr models. Experienced drivers are in for a treat because the front portion glass roof slides back over the rear window; with just a push of a button, they will feel the wind rushing to hitch a ride on the MKZ. To top it all off, a glossy sheet metal wraps tightly around the vehicle’s four doors. Nothing says class like a streamlined body for a luxury car.

Inside the MKZ, Lincoln has made sure it creates an impact to its passengers. Its features such as automated climate control, driver memory settings, Sync voice command system, and 8-inch touch screen display provide the driver an extraordinary driving experience. On the other hand, other passengers can enjoy the leather upholstery and Touch electronics interface.

Built for Comfort

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ has the same turbocharged four-cylinder and hybrid power train like that of the Ford Fusion. What sets them apart though is the industrious 300-horsepower V6 that ensures your MKZ purrs even in the most difficult driving condition.

Lincoln dealers in Huntington ensure MKZ’s standard safety features such as anti lock disc brakes, stability and traction control, and airbags are staple components. Another standout innovative feature of the new MKZ is the programmable My Key system—it allows drivers to specify limits for stereo volume and vehicle speed. Apart from this, Lincoln offers an optional suite of equipment which includes blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert.

The 2013 Lincoln MKZ is a class of its own. It stands out from the other vehicles by sheer class and efficiency. Only a few can tell what’s next for the automaker. But one thing is for sure, MKZ will stay as the benchmark in luxury vehicles. Browse websites like Syosset Lincoln for more information on the new MKZ.

Delicious Dishes: The Best Bit of Every Party

cateringGood food offered in an event usually becomes its highlight. Make sure you serve fine dishes that will delight your guests. You have many options. You can cook, buy prepared dishes from restaurants, or look for a caterer. Cooking is better, if you’re an expert in the kitchen who can accommodate the number of people coming to your party. This option can be impractical, however, if you also want to check up on other details of the event planning.

Ordering prepared food and planning to just serve it in time for the meal can be inconvenient. The food can become cool and become inedible after a while. Reheating might not be a good idea, especially when it comes to vegetable dishes. They can lose their crispness and not give as much flavor as before.

Catering: The Good Choice for Party Planners

With catering, you can get advice about different types of food that can suit your event. You don’t have to worry where you’re getting the tent, tables, chairs, cloths, and other dining essentials. Many NY caterers have a selection of other types of equipment that can help you serve other treats. A popcorn machine can be popular among the children, while a chocolate fountain can let your adult guests enjoy fresh fruits drizzled with chocolate.

Getting Ready for the Event: Ideas for Your Party

Planning for your party can be a busy task. Apart from the food, you need to get the venue in order, plan the activities, send out invitations, and arrange other details. Here are some ideas you can take into account for the type of event you have in mind:

Children’s Parties. Little ones have a picky appetite. They usually prefer to eat only the types of food they’re familiar with. It’s better to prepare the food yourself if this is the case. This way, you’ll be sure that the children will have fun eating instead of playing with their food.

Weddings. Make one of your most special occasions more celebratory with fine food served by a catering company. This gives you more time to concentrate on other details of your wedding. It’s better to hire caterers in New York, if you’re having a posh reception. The uniformed waiters, immaculate table decorations, and well-cooked food can become the highlight of a memorable event. You want this day to be as perfect as it can be, and catering is the rule rather than the exception.

Corporate Events. This type of events should have an impressive array of dishes, as the host organization’s hospitality might be measured by the type of food served. Get full catering services to make sure you’ll be able to serve your business clients, partners, and other industry partners fine choices.

Coordinate with different New York caterers and find out more about your alternatives. Plan all the details to make sure you serve only the finest for your guests.

Microsoft Creates 3D Touchscreen

microsoft creates 3d touchscreenMicrosoft’s research unit has come up with a 3D touchscreen showing images that can be felt and manipulated. The company’s project combined an LCD flat panel screen with force sensors and a robotic arm that moves it back and forth.

Amazing features

By manipulating how much resistance there is to a user’s fingertip, the company said it could copy the shape and weight of objects presented on screen. Microsoft explained that the device has medical purposes as well as for gaming. Development on the project is being conducted at the company’s Redmond campus near Seattle.

For medical use

Microsoft said that one feature of the device is doctors can use it to explore a patient’s body scans. It has presented a demonstration using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of a brain to illustrate how a medic could find the way through the different slices by pressing the screen.

It could also allow doctors to draw notes at certain layers to make it easier for them to find it. Researchers said, in time, this could be extended to flag potential problems.

The Benefits of Learning from Others

With search engine marketing (SEM) grabbing headlines, more companies are thinking of entering the game. The rules of SEM keep changing, however. While Google is still the biggest playing field in town, most businesses think they no longer know the game. Others, used to know the rules, but aren’t sure anymore because of the latest update.

There’s no need to think like this, however. Whether you’re new to SEM or not, you can overcome these issues by participating in a Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in Sydney. If you’re interested in learning ROI-generating paid search advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO) techniques, going to a SMX is the right move.

Organized by the sharpest minds in SEM, these SEO conferences help businesses improve their strategies to stay in the game. They feature educational sessions and keynotes, presentations, and networking activities, like workshops from leading solutions providers.

Participating in a SMX can also offer benefits, such as:

Solutions to Problems and Issues

Speakers can walk you through your problems and issues and help you come up with solutions. They can also help you develop proper measures and metrics to improve return on investments.

Better Business Goals

Presenters can help you develop the right business goals for your SEM program.

Better Understanding of Customers and Search Engines

Lecturers can help you understand better the needs and actions of customers. They can also help you understand the criteria that search engines use in judging content quality.

Better Content Creation

Luminaries can teach you to create content that satisfies the needs of customers.

Implementation Guide

Presenters can guide you in implementing a SEM program that can help you build your bottom line.

Better Bidding Tactics

Luminaries can teach you to bid on paid search keywords intelligently and correctly to ensure return on investments.

Future Plan Creation

Speakers can help you plan for future changes in SEM and in your own marketing.

If you think you don’t know the rules or the game of SEM, participate in a SMX. Visit websites like, ww.searchmarketingexpo.com.au to sign up or learn more about the event.

Any Given Sunday: Family Sunday Cooking Ideas

Sundays are made for cooking with your family. It is that special day when you can try to cook just about any dish you can ever imagine. You can even hold a contest with your family members on who can replicate the taste of the best steak in Los Angeles. If you suddenly find yourselves running out of ideas, consider the following themes below.


Bring the freshness of the Mediterranean to your home. Mediterranean cuisine is all about being healthy and flavor-rich. Some of its staple ingredients are olive oil, legumes, fish, whole grains, and red meat. It is also important to note that people along the Mediterranean Sea help themselves to a lot of herbs and spices. So don’t hold back on a healthy serving of greens on your plate. Finish your dining experience with a glass of red wine. Wine is the best partner for such healthy eats.


Because steaks are usually prepared for commercial purposes, choose a steakhouse that offers dry-aged beef. The best steakhouse in Los Angeles cooks their steaks flame-grilled. This cooking method allows the meat enzymes to ooze out and tenderize the beef. Treat your family to large servings of baked potatoes, broccoli, and a bowl of gravy.


Catch the Asian wave with some culinary ideas from the Eastern side of the globe. Asian cooking mostly focuses on seafood and carbohydrates-rich white rice. You can experiment on a variety of dishes you can make with such simple ingredients. Some of the common dishes you can whip up are sushi, dim sum, curry, and adobo.

It’s also best to bear in mind that in some parts of Asia, people put generous amount of spices in their food. Don’t be surprised to find chili powder and other exotic spices in your recipe book.

Don’t let your weekends go to waste by resorting to the same old dishes. It’s high time to try other tastes while you have the time. Challenge yourself in creating the most complicated dishes or trying to match the texture of the steak you’ve had in a Los Angeles steakhouse. Taste a sample of the world with your family right at the comforts of your home.

House-Hunting Checklist to Find the Perfect Home

A house does not come low-cost, so you have to be wise when buying one. Think of the type of property in Liverpool that you’ll need and look for features that will suit your lifestyle. This way, you can determine whether you will buy or rent. Knowing the needs of your family and other considerations may answer this dilemma. Here are some tips to make house hunting easier.

Determine the Type and Size

The house cannot be a home if the owners cannot be comfortable in it. The first thing you should think is if a house is secure and convenient. Discuss with your family about the type of Liverpool property you will need. It can be a house and lot, an apartment unit, or a condominium unit. Decide if you will get a house with upper floors, or a bungalow. Choosing one among these choices depends on the household size, but a family must also consider their potential growth.

Choose a Strategically Placed Property

Location plays a big role in choosing a property. This depends most of the time on the location of the workplace and the kids’ school. For this reason, a couple should just choose a strategic location, one that is easily accessible from schools and other major establishments. Check on the crime and calamity history of the place. These also affect the pricing of a property. There may be low-priced houses located in a flood-prone community, or a neighbourhood full of street crimes.

Check out the Facilities

Think about the lifestyle of your family. A backyard pool will be great if the children are into swimming. A bigger garage or parking area is enough if parents have separate cars. Other houses may have lot space that families can renovate to any room they would want it to be.

Decide to Buy or Rent

The biggest question in getting a house is whether to buy or to rent. Many say that buying a house is the wisest call, because you are investing on a major property. There’s nothing wrong in going for houses for rent in Liverpool, though, as these are more affordable and there are no property taxes to think about. You just have to study which payment schemes will be enough and bring more benefit in the long run.

If you’re on a hunt for a new home, consult an agent on where and when to buy. Agents may also give you a list of good properties not listed on any website. The key is finding the perfect dream home that fits you and your family’s needs.