Planning the Trendiest Wedding Proposals Today

There’s something magical about wedding proposals. Many people are even attempting to do it as a surprise with all sorts of gimmicks. However, there are times when the attempt is veering away from its real purpose — to make it a memorable and unforgettable event. In fact, there are many trends in proposals today that make engagement rings in Utah a secondary element.

Proposal Trends

The need to post something significant on social media has driven proposals and engagements into a form of competition. One social media trend is a planned proposal, which has the intention of going viral. It’s like a celebration where getting a million likes is part of the goal.

A proposal may or may not require the services of a marriage proposal planner. Sometimes, there’s not enough time to plan and come up with an ideal proposal. If there’s enough time, however, a planner can help if one of the couples wants to do it in a city they’re not familiar with.

Flash mobs have become fairly common as well and it could become a big production number, especially if it’s in a public place. This is a trend that’s usually for people with either a big budget or a big circle of friends (or even friends of friends).

Another growing trend is hiring a photographer or a videographer to shoot the proposal. This may be done in secret and the video would be shown during the wedding. Recently, there are several videos on YouTube showing these types of proposals.

Choosing the Ring

The trickiest part of any proposal is choosing and sizing the ring. After all, if you want it to be a surprise, you wouldn’t want to give your partner a hint that you’re planning to propose. Ask for help from family and friends or you can borrow on their rings (secretly) and take it to a jewelry store.

Wedding proposals have changed over the years and have become targeted at a larger audience. The aim is to make it memorable and the best way for that to happen is to make an extravaganza, complete with a YouTube-worthy viral video.