Recognizing Hidden Dangers: The Top 3 Distractions That Cause Workplace Accidents

workplace accidentIn the construction industry, workers face many distractions every day. The risks linked with distracted work have received serious attention in the past few years. Many companies know it’s a huge problem, yet it may not be possible to completely eliminate distractions.

In 2013, statistics reveal that a total of 4, 405 people experienced work-related fatal injuries, making it a major drain on earnings for several industries. As a business owner, the best thing you can do is to recognize distractions and come up with solutions to minimize them.
Read on to know the common distractions workers encounter and what to do about them.

Lack of Attention

With your endless business projects and hectic schedules, you may not always notice what your workers are up to. Some workplace accidents are due to personal issues and inattention. Some employees tend to bring their worries and stress to work, putting themselves and others in danger. Perhaps they are climbing on a ladder without knowing they don’t have protective equipment, or are mixing hazardous chemicals with their minds wandering somewhere else. To avoid possible injuries, discuss employee problems privately and keep them safe.


Big machines and heavy lifting equipment can be distracting and dangerous. This is the reason workers need to make sure they are at a safe distance from obstructions or fall hazards. A rigging company in Savannah says it’s best to provide your workers a series of safety training programs. This may include fall protection, safety use of rigging products, and crane inspections. Seminars are a great way to let your staff have the right knowledge and skills. Train them to recognize and determine unsafe conditions while working with heavy equipment.

Loud Music

Some workers feel relaxed when they listen to music, while others use it to keep focused and motivated. Though a song can keep them entertained, it may also cause accidents. You can’t prevent them to use headphones, but you can make some safety rules about it. Advise your workers to only listen to music when they are away from the worksite or if it’s not hindering them from finishing tasks involving machines.

As a business owner, the safety of your workers lies in your hands. With the right steps and the help of experts, you can reduce workplace distractions that pose serious risks.

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