Rise To The Top And Become A Thought Leader

Every thought leader starts as a little-known blogger or networker whose website only gets a few visits. Robert Scoble is one of the best examples of a blogger who made his mark on the blogosphere. He started out as an enthusiast who followed the latest news about innovations in technology. Years later, he is now one of the popular technology analysts. How did he manage to accomplish this feat?

Master Your Craft In A Specific Industry

Seeking to become an authority in a large field like politics and science can be overwhelming. Break down the large topic to many subtopics. Choose a niche from the general topic you would like to master. This way, you can study and research more until you know your niche inside out.

Choose A Dynamic Niche

When you settle for a well-developed industry that does not have anything new to offer, your readers will soon become bored with it. You will also have little to report, anyway. What you should do is to survey the latest and most popular fields. Determine what topics will still be relevant in the future and know everything you can about it. You will now always have something new to learn and report about on your blog.

Share Your Blog On Social Media

Social media is jam-packed with people interested in learning about many things under the sun. Share your best blog posts on your account. This can attract interest from others who want to know more about your field of specialty. With social media, your blog posts can be shared and re-shared many times until more people know more about you and your blog.

As an aspiring thought leader, you should strive to continuously keep up with the latest news about your industry. You also need to delve deep into what’s happening, and present new ideas about it. It’s not enough to rehash what’s current. It is more important that you give your readers something new to think about.